I Love Lucy (1951 - 1957)

I Love Lucy

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TV's first great sitcom centered on a zany New York housewife who wants desperately to get into showbiz and her Cuban bandleader husband who has his hands full trying to dissuade her. Also getting caught up in their shenanigans were the Mertzes, their landlords and best friends. A pioneer for being filmed before a studio audience with multiple cameras, the top-rated series racked up 180 episodes before ending in 1957. Several specials aired from '57 to '60 as 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.'

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1956, CBS, 28 episodes

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1955, CBS, 26 episodes

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1954, CBS, 30 episodes

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1953, CBS, 31 episodes

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1952, CBS, 31 episodes

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1951, CBS, 35 episodes


Lucille Ball
as Lucy Ricardo
Desi Arnaz
as Ricky Ricardo
William Frawley
as Fred Mertz
Vivian Vance
as Ethel Mertz
Richard Keith
as Little Ricky Ricardo
Frank Nelson
as Ralph Ramsey
Mary Jane Croft
as Betty Ramsey
Mike Mayer
as Little Ricky
Louis A. Nicoletti
as Dance Teacher
Keith Thibodeaux
as Little Ricky
Bob Jellison
as Milkman
Bennett Green
as Stagehand
Frank Nelson
as Freddie Fillmore
Elizabeth Patterson
as Mrs. Willoughby
Bess Flowers
as Theater Patron
Kathryn Card
as Minnie Finch
Hazel Pierce
as Mrs. Peterson
Doris Singleton
as Lillian Appleby
Marco Rizo
as Piano Player
Jesslyn Fax
as Chambermaid
Barbara Pepper
as Party Guest
John Emery
as Harold (the tramp)
Milton Parsons
as Mr. Thurlow
Eduardo Cianelli
as Mr. Martinelli
Pat Moran
as Buffo the Clown
Pepito Pérez
as Pepito the Clown
Beppie DeVries
as Mrs. DeVries
Mary Ellen Kay
as Mrs. Taylor
Lou Merrill
as Dr. Rabwin
Harry V. Cheshire
as Sam Johnson
Jim Hayward
as Boat Captain
Desi Arnaz Jr.
as Child in Crowd
Vernon Dent
as Santa Claus [cut from syndication print]
Joan Banks
as Eleanor Harris
Ray Kellogg
as Assistant Director
Lou Krugman
as Frank Williams
Lee Millar
as Announcer
Allan Ray
as Clapper Man
Fred Aldrich
as Butcher
Charles Lane
as Mr. Stanley
Tyler McVey
as Bill Hall
John Hart
as Tom Henderson
Sue Carol
as Herself
Vicente Padula
as German Drunk
Irving Bacon
as Bert Willoughby
Ruth Perrott
as Mrs. Pomerantz
Mary Emery
as Mrs. Ricardo
Dayton Lummis
as Bill Parker
Alan Ray
as Clapstick Man
Harry Bartell
as Process Server
Jay Novello
as Mr. Meriwether
Shirley Mitchell
as Marion Strong
Hy Averback
as Charlie Appleby
Will Wright
as Mr. Walters
Ransom Sherman
as Friend of the Friendless
Jack Chefe
as Waiter
Phil Leeds
as Mr. Krausfield
Norma Zimmer
as Townsperson
Sara Jane Gould
as Nancy Johnson
Kay Wiley
as Woman in Butcher Shop
Madge Blake
as Mrs. Mulford
Peggy Rea
as Nurse with Wheelchair
Ray Ferrell
as Bruce Ramsey
Bob Carroll, Jr.
as Extra on Boat
Van Johnson
as Van Johnson
Gale Gordon
as Alvin Littlefield
Hans Conried
as Dan Jenkins
John Gallaudet
as Johnny Clark
Joseph Kearns
as Dr. Tom Robinson
John Litel
as Harvey Cromwell
Olin Howland
as Motel Owner
Don Loper
as Himself
Hal March
as Himself
Alberto Morin
as Carlos Ortega
Hedda Hopper
as Hedda Hopper
Myra Marsh
as Club Chairwoman
Maurice Marsac
as Maurice, the Headwaiter
Margie Liszt
as Woman on Party Line
Verna Felton
as Mrs. Simpson
Stanley Farrar
as Bennet Green
Mary Lansing
as Cynthia
Dolores Donlon
as Starlet No. 1
Chick Chandler
as Billy Hackett
Onna Conners
as Showgirl
Edith Meiser
as Phoebe Littlefield
Eve Arden
as Herself
Harpo Marx
as Harpo Marx
Fortunio Bonanova
as Professor Bonanova
Betty Allen
as Townsperson
Richard Crenna
as Arthur Morton
Bea Benaderet
as Miss Lewis
Jess Kirkpatrick
as Station Clerk
Johnny B. Frank
as Newspaper Vendor
Peter Leeds
as Reporter
Parley Baer
as Walter Reilly
Mario Siletti
as Professor Falconi
William Hamel
as Maitre D'
Maury Thompson
as Stage Manager
Don Garner
as Grocery Boy
Eleanor Audley
as Eleanor Spaulding
Beverly E. Thompson
as Starlet No. 2
Sheila MacRae
as Mrs. Gordon MacRae
John Mylong
as Policeman
Phil Arnold
as Harry Henderson
Tristram Coffin
as Harry Munson
Ken Christy
as Ken, the Detective
June Whitney
as Clubwoman
Byron Kane
as Morris Williams
Vivi Janiss
as Clubwoman
Jody Drew
as Miss Ballentine
Lillian Molieri
as Young Woman
Brenda Marshall Holden
as Mrs. William Holden
Shirlee Tigge
as Starlet No. 3
Gary Gray
as Deliveryman
Gloria Blondell
as Grace Foster
June Whitley
as Clubwoman
Janet Waldo
as Peggy Dawson
Gail Bonney
as Mrs. Hudson
Sandra Gould
as Nancy Johnson
Peter Brocco
as Dominic Orsatti
Frank Gerstle
as Actor Posing as Indian
Maggie Magennis
as Starlet No. 4
Paul Power
as Award Presenter
Pilar Arcos
as Party Guest
Aaron Spelling
as Gas Station Attendant
Dani Sue Nolan
as Secretary
Frances Neal Heflin
as Mrs. Van Heflin
Harry Antrim
as Mr. Feldman
The Pied Pipers
as Themselves
Sheila Bromley
as Helen Erickson Kaiser
Franco Corsaro
as Vittorio Fellipi
Hayden Rorke
as O'Brien
Frank Sully
as Deliveryman
Alvin Hurwitz
as Mr. Snodgrass
James John Ganzer
as Little Ricky
Mabel Paige
as Mrs. Hansen
Oliver Blake
as Zeb Allen
Arthur J. Walsh
as Arthur Walsh
Tyler McVeigh
as Bill Hall
Pierre Watkin
as Mr. Dorrance
Cornel Wilde
as Cornel Wilde
Olan Soule
as Dr. Gettleman
Walter Kingsford
as Sir Clive Richardson
Torben Meyer
as Bandleader
Bob Hope
as Himself
Elsa Lanchester
as Mrs. Grundy
David Stollery
as Timmy Hudson
Florence Bates
as Mrs. Pettibone
Virginia Brissac
as Mrs. Hammond
Beppy DeVries
as Mrs. DeVries
Rock Hudson
as Rock Hudson
Mary Wickes
as Madame Lamond
John Brown
as Mr. Murdoch
Louis D. Merrill
as Dr, Rabwin
Sheldon Leonard
as Harry Martin
Norma Varden
as Mrs. Benson
Rosa Turich
as Carlota Romero
Charles Winninger
as Barney Kurtz
GeGe Pearson
as Tourist
Frank Wilcox
as Joe Spaulding
Arthur Q. Bryan
as Mr. Chambers
Gerald Mohr
as Dr. Henry Molin
Joseph Mayer
as Little Ricky
James Burke
as Mr. Watson
Sarah Selby
as Dorothy Cooke
Marylin Johnson Tucker
as Mrs. Forrest Tucker
Elliott Reid
as Edward Warren
Howard Hoffman
as Dr. Barnett
Hillary Brooke
as Angela Randall
Francis Ravel
as French Guard
Ellen Corby
as Miss Hanna
James Hayward
as Boat Captain
Gene Reynolds
as Mr. Taylor
Gladys Hurlbut
as Woman with Purse
Hal Gerard
as Tourist
Don Brodie
as Ticket Agent
Barney Phillips
as Mr. Jamison
Robert Forrest
as Sidney Kaiser
Stephen Kay
as Stevie Appleby
Helen Kleeb
as Miss Klein
Dub Taylor
as Rattlesnake Jones
Ramsay Hill
as Gendarme at Station
Bart Bradley
as Giuseppe
Gordon Clark
as Gambler
Howard McNear
as Mr. Crawford
Robert Foulk
as Policeman
Harry Shannon
as Jim White
Sammy Ogg
as Jimmy Hudson
Robert Lee Simmons
as Little Ricky
Milton Frome
as Sam Carter
Robert Shafter
as Man on the Street
Claude Akins
as Claude Akins
Frank J. Scannell
as Burlesque Comic
K.T. Stevens
as Mrs. O'Brien
Bobby Ellis
as Office Boy
Charles Victor
as Man in Closet
Stephen Wootton
as Little Barney
Sue Carol Ladd
as Mrs. Alan Ladd
Mona Carlson
as Mrs. Richard Carlson
Mildred Law
as Stewardess
Eduardo Ciannelli
as Mr. Martinelli
Jesse Kirkpatrick
as Station Clerk
Paul Harvey
as Mr. Harvey
Frank Jaquet
as Laundry Checker
Bennet Green
as Messenger
Benny Rubin
as Bus Driver
Billy McLean
as Bellboy
Jill Jarmyn
as Jill Jarmyn
Barbara Eden
as Diana Jordan
Amanda Milligan
as Candy Maker
Florence Halop
as Woman on Party Line
Ida Moore
as Mrs. Knickerbocker
Ben Numis
as Policeman
Sam Hearn
as Dr. Peterson
Mary Ellen Kaye
as Mrs. Taylor
Mary Alan Hokanson
as Woman from Magazine
Roy Rowan
as Radio Announcer
John L. Hart
as Tom Henderson
Doye O'Dell
as Announcer
Dorothea Wolbert
as Dorothea Wolbert
Ida Smeraldo
as Woman on Phone
Marjorie Bennett
as Mrs. Van Fossen
Doris Packer
as Woman in Box
Lita Baron
as Renita Perez
Adele Longmire
as Nurse in Hospital Lobby
Maury Hill
as Tom Williams
Audrey Betz
as Woman on Bus
Joi Lansing
as Joi Lansing
Anne Ellen Walker
as Townsperson
Henry Dar Boggia
as Italian Guard
James Flavin
as Immigration Officer
John Eldredge
as Man in Box
Gil Herman
as Assassin
Sally Corner
as Woman in Fur Salon
Ransome Sherman
as Lost Soul
Harvey Grant
as Kenneth Hamilton
Ernesto Molinari
as Vineyard Boss
Nacho Galindo
as Cigar Store Owner
John Henson
as Theater Patron
George O'Hanlon
as Charlie Appleby
Robert Bice
as Moving Man
William Asher
as Director
Gary Gray
as Deliveryman
Herbert C. Lytton
as Man in Deck Chair
Jack Rice
as Floorwalker
Natalie Schafer
as Phoebe Emerson
Fritz Feld
as Tour Guide
Phil Ober
as Arnold (the first husband)
Dorothy Lloyd
as Woman at Audition
Patsy Moran
as Woman in Laundry
Jack Albertson
as Helicopter Dispatcher
Henry A. Nicoletti
as Elevator Operator
Barbara Logan
as Flight Attendant
Lurene Tuttle
as Club President
John Frank
as Man at Newspaper
Ralph Dumke
as Martha's Husband
Ruth Brady
as Grace Munson
Ramsey Hill
as Policeman
Steven Kay
as Stevie Appleby
Joe Miller
as Patron
David Saber
as Little Boy
Larry Gleason
as Accordionist
Lester Dorr
as Man on Train
Art Lund
as Theater Patron
Robert Norman
as Trumpet Player
Phil Tead
as Man on Platform
Ralph Sanford
as Stadium Guard
Buddy Noble
as Bass Player
Manuel Paris
as Relative
Earl Robie
as Ukelele Player
Abel Franco
as Relative
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