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Critic Consensus: Unpredictable and addictive, Lost is a new kind of TV mystery that grips as often as it guffaws.


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Oceanic flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crash lands on an island in the South Pacific, with 48 survivors facing uncertain hopes of rescue while getting to know one another—and their eerie new home. Luckily, there's a doctor in the house, as Jack (Matthew Fox) assumes a leadership role for the group while developing an affection for the beguiling Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and philosophical differences with bad-boy Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and mysterious loner Locke (Terry O'Quinn). One by one, flashbacks reveal details to their often-troubled pasts and those of core castaways including lottery winner Hurley (Jorge Garcia); former Iraqi soldier Sayid (Naveen Andrews); the pregnant Claire (Emilie de Raven); drug-addled rocker Charlie (Dominic Monaghan); Korean couple Jin and Sun (Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim); single dad Michael (Harold Perrineau), son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) and dog Vincent; and twentysomething siblings Shannon (Maggie Grace) and Boone (Ian Somerhalder). Ever-changing group dynamics are endured while unanswered questions pile up about the island and its existing inhabitants, both human and inhuman. Plotlines throughout the addictive first season include the group's efforts to build an ocean-ready raft; to decipher a voice picked up on the plane's transceiver; and to penetrate an underground hatch.


Maggie Grace
as Shannon
John Wilton
as Tux Shop Owner
John Choi
as Butler
Achilles Gacis
as Six Foot Five
Mira Furlan
as Danielle Rousseau
Chil Kong
as White Suit
John Terry
as Dr. Christian Shephard
William Mapother
as Ethan, Ethan Rom
Sev Palmer
as Meathead
Joy Minaai
as Reporter #1
Richard MacPherson
as Record Exec
Dezmond Gilla
as Baseball Hat
Michael Adamschick
as Lottery Official
Julie Ow
as Nurse
Gordon Hardie
as Young Boy
Tess Young
as Best Friend
Kiya Lee
as Byung's Wife
Byron Chung
as Mr. Paik
Lillian Hurst
as Carmen Reyes
Nick Jameson
as Richard Malkin
Jeff Perry
as Ducket, Duckett
Joey Yu
as Byung-Chun Han
Kelly Rice
as Nicole
John Shin
as Jin's Father
John O'Hara
as Young Jack
Jayne Taini
as Martha Toomey
Sally Strecker
as Lucy Heatherton
Ron Bottitta
as Leonard
Angelica Perreira
as Byung-Chun Han's Daughter
Andy Trask
as Hotel Manager
Scott Paulin
as Sullivan
Jim Piddock
as Frank, Frank Heatherton
Barry Whitfield
as Mr. Slavitt
Alex Mason
as Bartender
Ron Marasco
as Ken Halperin
Dann Seki
as Dr. Curtis
Kylie Dragna
as Charlotte
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As the story unfolds, Abrams ingeniously - in snippets - recalls what brought them to this place.

January 30, 2018 | Full Review…

With all these ways to view the series - human drama, fantasy adventure, gorgeous travelogue - there should be an "in" for most every viewer. The question then becomes, is there a way out?

October 31, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

If the series can pull off that feat on a weekly basis, the word Lost could come to mean something more pleasant for Disney-owned ABC than defining the network in recent years.

September 27, 2017 | Full Review…

Lost is the sort of rare drama that's more fun to experience the less you know about it.

September 27, 2017 | Full Review…

There's a lot packed into these early episodes that are only explained in what is unarguably some of the worst stand-alone episodes of the entire series.

June 30, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Bound to raise your blood pressure a few points.

July 2, 2018 | Full Review…

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