House of the Rising Sun


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Only Korean couple Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim) know the real reason that Jin savagely beats Michael (Harold Perrineau) before the eyes of the astonished survivors, but they aren't talking. Actually, they couldn't talk even if they wanted to, since they are still separated from the others by impenetrable language barriers (or so it seems). Another crisis arises when several of the castaways quarrel over where everyone should pitch camp, leading to a schism between two separate factions. And the truth about Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) is made known to the equally secretive Locke (Terry O'Quinn). Flashbacks in this episode focus on Jin and Sun and reveal that they were once madly in love. He was of a lower social standing, but convinced her powerful, rich father to allow them to marry, if Jin would come to work for him...a job that Jin soon learned required a lot of dirty work.


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