A Tale of Two Cities
Lost Season 3

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An airplane breaks in half in the blue sky over an idyllic suburban setting, and as the inhabitants of the homes emerge to cast their glances upward it quickly becomes apparent that the downed plane is Oceanic Flight 815, and that the people watching from below are the dreaded Others. As Jack awakens on a steel table in a securely locked room, Sawyer regains consciousness in an above ground cage and Kate finds herself in a locker room with the malevolent Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly does his best to convince Kate to take a shower and change into some clean clothes as a woman who introduces herself as Juliet appears on the other side of a Plexiglass wall to try and calm a visibly agitated Jack. Flashing back to the past when Jack's marriage was dissolving, the captive doctor recalls the time he became obsessed with discovering the identity of his wife's new lover. Meanwhile, back on the surface, Sawyer discovers that he can manipulate a bizarre contraption in his cage to earn a fish biscuit, water, and grain as Mr. Friendly locks up Kate in an adjacent cage. Later, when Juliet returns to speak with Jack, he successfully manipulates her to enter the room before holding her hostage with a broken piece of plate and demanding to be set free. Henry attempts to prevent Jack from leaving by announcing that if he opens the door they will all die. When Jack does open the door, a violent flood comes washing in and Henry escapes to safety. Eventually, Jack and Juliet work together to access the emergency drain button, after which Juliet knocks Jack unconscious. Upon awakening back in his room Jack learns that he is being held in an underwater aquarium known as the Hydra station. Finally broken, he humbly allows Juliet to enter his room with some food.


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