Flashes Before Your Eyes
Lost Season 3

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After inviting Hurley and Charlie to a secret meeting with Sayid and Locke to discuss maintaining calm after the recent death of Mr. Eko, Desmond suddenly stands up and breaks into a sprint. Sayid, Hurley, Locke, and Charlie directly on his heels, everyone witnesses Desmond dive into the water to save a drowning Claire. After dragging her ashore, Desmond resuscitates her and all seems well. But Charlie wants to know how Desmond knew what was happening, and he isn't buying into Hurley's claims that Des can see the future. In order to get the truth, Charlie hatches a foolproof plan: he will get Desmond drunk on whiskey from Sawyer's stash and question him while his defenses are down. While the first part of the plan works like a charm, Desmond refuses to discuss the details of the vision. Charlie calls Desmond a coward, a taunt that prompts the drunken castaway to attack before recalling the events that unfolded when he turned the fail-safe key. As a bright flash nearly blinded everyone who witnessed the incident, Desmond remembered a pivotal moment from before he joined the Army.


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