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Judd Apatow's Love is an honest look at building a relationship, helped along by its two appealing leads.



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Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016
Air date: Feb 19, 2016

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On-set tutor Gus Cruikshank (Paul Rust) and radio program manager Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) both get out of their respective toxic long-term relationships feeling embittered by the idea of love. By chance they meet at a convenience store and immediately hit it off, but baggage from past relationships keeps them from exploring the possibility that theirs may be the real deal. The first season of "Love" also stars Claudia O'Doherty as Bertie, Mike Mitchell as Randy, and Chris Witaske as Chris. Dave Gruber Allen, Steve Bannos, Brett Gelman, Tracie Thoms, and Iris Apatow appear as recurring characters.


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A perfect example of an OK show that gets better the more of it you watch.

Feb 22, 2016 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Wherever Mickey and Gus are going seems worth the extended trip. Love is a many-spindled thing. But its smooth/sharp edges keep it in a groove.

Feb 19, 2016 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…
Top Critic

The leads are very entertaining. But each episode literally flows into the next -- one episode's final scene is often the first scene for the next -- making it feel like a 5-hour Judd Apatow romantic comedy, which I'm not sure anyone really needs.

Feb 18, 2016 | Full Review…

The title is Love, but Netflix didn't debut its new comedy on Valentine's Day. Maybe that's because, to its credit, Love is not nearly sappy enough for a day devoted to romance with a capital "R."

Feb 18, 2016 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

The question that hovers over the show isn't "Will they get together?" We basically know they will. The real question is "Can the show bring them together in a believable way that makes their connection seem natural?" I vote yes.

Feb 18, 2016 | Full Review…

Fun comedy that takes time to warm up to.

Feb 18, 2016 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
Top Critic

What makes Love on Netflix interesting is not just that we don't ever seem to be fully told to buy Mickey's free spirit Pixie Dream Girl status but that we're never really supposed to buy into Gus's nice guy status either.

Jul 3, 2019 | Full Review…

There are enough good bits to keep it interesting, but just because the show feels more believable than the than the romantic comedies that it eschews doesn't automatically make it more compelling.

Jul 31, 2018 | Full Review…

Far from being the perfect romantic comedy and with a somewhat unequal result, its protagonists love each other precisely because they insist again and again to prove that they are not perfect. Nobody is. [Full Review in Spanish]

Jul 12, 2018 | Full Review…

I watched all of Love in a single night. I have no idea how it'll play for you, but I was totally invested, and I'm awfully curious to see where Apatow, Arfin and Rust take the series in the already-ordered second season. Godspeed, weirdoes.

Apr 23, 2018 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Love: Season 1

  • Apr 25, 2019
    Best show I've seen in a long time! Great humor, great writing in general I love love love it!!! Mickey And Gus all the way!!!
  • Jan 21, 2019
    Reminds me of "Say Anything." It is about people who have no filters, which are always the most interesting and annoying people, so the good and bad reviews are both right. The main actors are very good and the supporting cast is just as good. The twists and turns are worthwhile. I'm not sure this is a rom com, because you are not that invested in the romance, but more in her independant struggle and his. The biggest reason you like them is that their friends are lovable and love them. Much of the healing comes from those other relationships.
  • Dec 16, 2018
    The main issue: The borderline hideous male lead, Gus, and a problem we see so, SO often. It is extremely distracting when we see extremely homely guys baggin 10s and havin threesomes w/ such. It's so very stupid, but more importantly, WHOLLY unnecessary to the episodes' stories. Outside of that -- and wish it had a more believable/attractive male lead -- the comedy & writing is really good, witty & original.
  • Apr 13, 2018
    This is a fabulous show! From the first episode, it's like a book you cannot put down. I am fascinated by the insightful writing. Love the way it flows. I love the subtle way the plot unfolds, with tension in unusual places. I love Gus and Mickie's relationship dynamics and the dialog is excellent. Just excellent. The only thing I do not like about this show is the title. "Love" is too common and hard to pass on to friends. Something like, well, I don't know what else to call it either. Anyway, wonderful show!!! Very relevant and real.
  • Oct 12, 2017
    The MC of the show sounds like a 10 year old child. Its very hard to take him/her seriously. Ill could never watch this show if I had to listen to him. Its a shame because I was excited about this show.
  • Sep 21, 2017
    Great writing and acting, makes you read between the lines of the subtleties of contemporary relationships.
  • Jul 08, 2017
    Half a star added for the last 2-3 minutes.of the show.
  • May 29, 2017
    Wow, terrific! Can't believe this flew under my radar screen. Probably because of the simplistic name. Pretty raw, hilarious look at the birth of a relationship.
  • Mar 25, 2017
    This was a great romantic comedy tv show. Really felt more like a movie than a tv show. It was really well done. The acting was well done. I really enjoyed it. I have already watched both seasons. Produced by Judd Apatow the same guy that did 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked UP. If you enoyed those type of movies I am sure you would like this show.
  • Mar 16, 2017
    I don't get it. I went along for 8 episodes because Gillian is always authentic and believable as whatever character but I still don't get it. OK my testosterone over-ruled my brain after the scene with Emily and Jennifer in EP01 but hijacked brain aside that's part of what I do not get. Is everyone in the L.A. scene Caucasian and/or Jewish? The scene where the guy is handing out sandwiches talking about how he came to L.A. to do more is parody, right? Riiiight? Like the show sees it, but is OK with leaving it as such. And it often feels like an excuse to put attractive women in sex scenes with schlubs to let the vicarious fantasy play in the minds of schlubs in the audience. For no real enhancement of the story. But I understand I may be just somehow out of the loop on this. Again, I just don't get it.

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