Metalocalypse (2006 - 2013)


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The animated adventures of the death metal band Dethklok, whose popularity---and stupidity---cause complete chaos wherever they appear.

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2013, Cartoon Network, 0 episodes

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2012, Cartoon Network, 12 episodes

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2009, Cartoon Network, 10 episodes

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2007, Cartoon Network, 22 episodes

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2006, Cartoon Network, 20 episodes


Tommy Blacha
as Toki Wartooth/William Murderface/Dr. Rockso
Brendon Small
as Skwisgaar Skwigelf/Pickles the Drummer/Nathan Explosion
Mark Hamill
as Senator Stampingston/Chef Jean-Pierre
Victor Brandt
as General Krosier
Malcolm McDowell
as Vater Orlaag
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TV Network: Cartoon Network
Premiere Date: Aug 6, 2006
Genre: Animation
Executive Producers: Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha
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