Heaven's Chimney
Mr. Show With Bob and David Season 3

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In the first episode of the third season of HBO's Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross aim their unique brand of quirky, scabrous humor at religious beliefs, theme park thrills, and educational films. The opening sketch posits Mr. Show as a suicidal cult, with The Bob (Odenkirk), its leader, seen on a huge video screen behind Cross, an acolyte. Cross is then abducted and dragged off-stage, while The Bob orders his audience of adepts to eat the poison S'mores his minions are passing out. "Get 'em while they're poison-y!" he urges them. Cross is then seen being "deprogrammed" by his friends, including "former" Mr. Show cast member Tom Kinney, who arrives dressed as a priest. "There's no heaven's chimney, and there's no razzleberry waterfall," Kinney expounds on the afterlife to Cross, "but there are giant golden gates on top of the clouds, and a wise man with a beard will have your name written into a fancy book." This segues into the opening credits of "Crazy Religious Beliefs," an America's Funniest Home Videos-style television show. Another highlight of the show is a film festival, where the world's oldest educational film (from the Middle Ages), "The Limits of Science," is shown, and features such nuggets as "All facts begin as dreams, dreamt by a wizard." The show ends with a segment from an evangelical cable program on the Hail Satan Network, hosted by Bobby C (Kinney) and Kimberly (Jill Talley). Odenkirk comes out as a guest and greets his hosts, telling them, "To Hell with both of you," and complimenting Kimberly -- "You are just the mother of all whores."