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NCIS: Los Angeles

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Air date: Sep 25, 2016
Air date: Sep 25, 2016
Air date: Oct 2, 2016
Air date: Oct 16, 2016
Air date: Oct 23, 2016
Air date: Oct 30, 2016
Air date: Nov 6, 2016
Air date: Nov 13, 2016
Air date: Nov 20, 2016
Air date: Nov 27, 2016
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Season 8 of the military drama opens with a shipping container setting off alarms at LAX, and Homeland Security requesting the NCIS squad to look into the problem. When the investigation leads to terrorism, Sam (LL Cool J), Cullen (Chris O'Donnell), Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) take part in a Department of Defense-led operation they don't really agree with, and when everything goes south they are blamed for its failure. As the Under Secretary takes over The Office of Special Projects for fear of it being compromised, the team goes to Syria to try to stop a terrorist plot. They are successful, but unfortunately a member of the team ends up severely injured and has to be put out of commission for a while; in the meantime, another member of the team confesses to being a mole and is arrested. As the season progresses, the team deals with murders, kidnappings and spies, while also trying to prove their colleague did not betray their country.


Chris O'Donnell
as G. Callen
LL Cool J
as Sam Hanna
Linda Hunt
as Henrietta Lange
Daniela Ruah
as Kensi Blye
Barrett Foa
as Eric Beal
Miguel Ferrer
as Owen Granger
Bar Paly
as Anna Kolcheck
Jackson Hurst
as Corbin Duggan
Erik Palladino
as Vostanik Sabatino
Kurt Yaeger
as Sullivan
John M. Jackson
as A.J. Chegwidden
Laura Harring
as Julia Feldman
Adam Bartley
as Carl Brown
Sammy Sheik
as Ahmed Han Asakeem
Matthew Grant Godbey
as Det. Dan Evans
Pamela Reed
as Roberta Deeks
Anslem Richardson
as Tahir Khaled
Tristen McDonald
as Emily Janderman
Karina Logue
as Ellen Whiting
Alexander Wraith
as Bassel Rizvi
James Remar
as Admiral Sterling Bridges
Aunjanue Ellis
as Michelle Hanna
Carl Lumbly
as Captain Charles Langston
Elizabeth Bogush
as Joelle Taylor
Carlos Sanz
as Mario Sanchez
Corey Reynolds
as Duke Morgan
AJ Meijer
as Elias Keating
Elaine Loh
as Lisa Chan
Dale Pavinski
as Vincent Garvey
Andrew Thacher
as FBI SWAT Commander
Grinnell Morris
as Dr. Smith
Tony Elias
as FBI SWAT Officer
Nia Long
as Shay Mosely
Joe Thornton Jr.
as Officer Northam
Nadia Sloane
as Pool Honey
Jasmine Kaur
as Ganeev Patel
Debra Jo Rupp
as Ginger O'Boyle
Lou Ferrigno Jr.
as Victor Larmont
Ben Weber
as Bruce Carter
Scott Grimes
as Dave Flynn
Jeronimo Spinx
as Agent Thompson
Jeff DeSerrano
as Officer Rojas
Karibel Rodriquez
as Officer Turner
Ashley Jones
as Jolene Townsend
Vyto Ruginis
as Arkady Kolcheck
Shanna Collins
as Rebecca Larmont
Byron Mann
as Zhang Kiu
Marc Samuel
as Lt. Commander George Owens
Kandis Fay
as Pamela Volonev
Joel Johnstone
as Gregory Jenkins
Martin Mull
as Edward O'Boyle
David Fumero
as Miguel Salazar
Vivis Colombetti
as Mrs. Ramirez
Alyssa Diaz
as Jasmine Garcia
Daniel Marin
as Carlos Gutierrez
Madison Mason
as Troy Jacobs
Jed Rees
as Gary Dill/Noah Leipzig
T.J. Ramini
as John Martin/Tobin Shaked
Shree Crooks
as Nadia Volonev
Nigel Gibbs
as Harold Irvin
Bruce Thomas
as Frank Gibson
Keiko Agena
as Tara Nelson
Lindsay LaVanchy
as Natalie Grant/Amber Wilcox
Sam Adegoke
as Junior Sancho
Ally Maki
as Belinda Fujita
James Sayess
as Gabriel Mir
Markus Flanagan
as Professor Chapman
Joan Severance
as Mary Reynolds/Katerina Polunin
Rob Brownstein
as Neurologist
Alison Haislip
as Nicole Ross
Mayank Saxena
as David Allen/Bryson Khan
Gita Reddy
as Charge Nurse
Hank Chen
as Minjun Rhee
Romeo Brown
as Tony Hill
Teddy Lane Jr.
as LAPD Officer
Dylan Kenin
as Lincoln Stern
Anthony Hill
as Waiter/Jason
Grantham Coleman
as Spence Taylor
Emily Tosta
as Carla Stone
Salvator Xuereb
as Randall Sharov
Anthony Dilio
as Devlin Rush
Eddie George
as Byron Brown
Chase Kim
as Deputy Bennett
Marsha Thomason
as Nicole Dechamps
Amy Farrington
as Genevive Parks
Jeffrey Markle
as Salvador Ortega
Roberto Montesinos
as Eduardo Banuelos
Anton Narinskiy
as Neil Lott
Brea Bee
as Lt. Commander Jennifer Morgan
Desmond Chiam
as Edward Lee
Alice Amter
as Professor Laleh Moradi
Patrick Wenk
as Michael Donaldson
Tom Choi
as LAPD Officer Fong
Tomm Voss
as Willem
Eden Riegel
as Dr. Iris Miller
Blair Fowler
as Poppy Gold
Curt Mega
as Reggie Tiller
Dustin Fasching
as Bartender
Mike Erwin
as Pacey Smith
James Shanklin
as Curtis Oleksiuk
Bob Glouberman
as Dr. Lance Tannen
Kane Lieu
as Trevor Young
Bogdan Yasinski
as Aric Weber
Victor Onuigbo
as Oluwa Tinabu
Ken Medlock
as Vounteer
Andy Cohen
as Logan Gorman
Dan Cole
as Security Guard
Mike Gray
as D'Andre Linton
Devon Michaels
as Shawn Wilson
Shon Lange
as Sheriff/Dexter Frazier
Katherine Kamhi
as Samantha Rogers
Jeffrey Muller
as Mark Newton
Tom Winter
as Agent Nassir
Connor Weil
as Warren Miller
Jason Karasev
as Yuri Volonev
David Storrs
as Vagrant/Calvin Stokes
Fernando Martínez
as Cartel Hitman
Fernando Martínez
as Cartel Hitman
Andrew Pifko
as Steffen
Meredith Giangrande
as Young Tan Woman
John Colton
as Louis Miller
Kevin Coubal
as Aiden Tinker
Christy Choi
as Young Woman
Curtis Taylor
as Sheriff Lyle Tully
June Carryl
as Beth Kelley
Mark Simich
as Handsome Man
Lauren Gaw
as Chelsey
Nicole Pettis
as Vanessa Barley
Chriss Anglin
as U.S. Marshal
Micky Shiloah
as Resident
Lee Hudson
as Rickey
Chuck Ashworth
as LAPD Officer
Blair Hickey
as Sheldon Rhodes
Alfred Adderly
as Intake Nurse
Stephanie Czajkowski
as LAPD Detective
Anthony Ma
as Young Worker
Brand Rackley
as Teacher's Assistant
Sonny Saito
as Hideo Sakuraba
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I just didn't expect it to also bring laughs, feels and make me care for members of the NCIS: LA team I'd never really valued before.

Jan 7, 2019 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

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  • May 08, 2017
    It seems like after about 3 seasons many shows run out of ideas and self -destruct. This is certainly one of them. I quit watching last year as the stories became tedious and mostly dealt with internal problems turning the series into a soap opera. Tried again this week with season 8 episode 23, a terrible episode featuring no solved crime, and a complete waste of time.

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