Pennyworth: Season 2 (2020 - 2021)


Season 2

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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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Air date: Dec 13, 2020

Alfred tries to profit off a wartorn London that threatens to be overrun by the fascist Raven Union. Season 2 premiere.

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Air date: Dec 20, 2020

Alfred's plans for his departure to America are put on hold when someone close to him is put in danger; and Thomas enlists the help of an old foe, Aleister Crowley.

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Air date: Dec 27, 2020

Alfred, Bazza and Daveboy try to uncover who had the nerve to steal from them, while Crowley enacts his plan with unintended results.

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Air date: Dec 27, 2020

Still haunted by tragedy, Alfred agrees to join Gully's team on an upcoming job. Meanwhile, pressure begins to take its toll on Harwood and directs him toward Project Stormcloud.

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Air date: Mar 7, 2021

Alfred and Daveboy run one last job for Gully to buy tickets to America, while tensions ratchet up at Raven Union HQ between Harwood and his lieutenants.

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Air date: Mar 14, 2021

Alfred is enlisted to help extract Lucius Fox from Raven headquarters, while Prime Minister Aziz sets in motion a plan that pits Aleister Crowley against John Ripper.

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Air date: Mar 21, 2021

While Alfred prepares to leave England, Bet and Peggy Sykes set out to rescue their old friend Lord Harwood from imminent danger.

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Air date: Mar 28, 2021

Salt and the League talk about peace while Alfred faces Gully for the same reason; Martha tells Thomas the truth about her dilemma.

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Air date: Apr 4, 2021

Alfred, Thomas & Martha concoct a plan to infiltrate Raven headquarters with Daveboy and Lucius to steal Project Stormcloud.

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Air date: Apr 11, 2021

In the season two finale, Salt is hell-bent on releasing Project Stormcloud upon London -- unless Alfred and his friends can stop it.

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Cast & Crew

Emma Corrin
Esme Winikus
Paloma Faith
Bet Sykes
Ryan Fletcher
Dave Boy
Hainsley Lloyd Bennett
Jason Flemyng
Lord Harwood
Polly Walker
Peggy Sykes
Ben Aldridge
Thomas Wayne
Jack Bannon
Alfred Pennyworth
Danny Cannon
Executive Producer
Bruno Heller
Executive Producer
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Critic Reviews for Pennyworth Season 2

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...all composed in such a way that it gives you time to roam around in it visually and savour the detail.

May 3, 2021 | Full Review…

Pennyworth may be Batman without Batman, but Alfie himself is an improvement upon his future boss: a superhero for the 99%.

Apr 22, 2021 | Full Review…

This series only has fleeting moments of melodrama and character connection, which underline the potential of this premise rather than truly exploiting it.

Mar 10, 2021 | Full Review…

"Pennyworth" is TV popcorn escapism that allows for its team to shine in its look and pace.

Dec 15, 2020 | Full Review…

The same problems that were on display in the first season of Pennyworth continue to plague it in the Season 2 premiere. If fans were hoping for the series to renew itself and its focus, they will have to continue to wait.

Dec 11, 2020 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Pennyworth: Season 2

  • 5d ago
    I found this to be a take if two halves. The first half I found to be quite slow,and I got a bit bored. However, the show does pick up in the second half of the season, with the last two episodes being particularly excellent. There are some issues with the show,such as the poor main villain, however still worth watching if you enjoyed season 1.
  • Apr 25, 2021
    Movie Rating: 9.5/10
  • Apr 14, 2021
    The way the plot goes was somewhat childish at the last episode. Felt like total dumb. A tuat replacing Lord Harwood, John Salt easily beaten, stormcloud being eaten to stop detonation, Gulliver Troy being like a Mr. Freeze like shitshow. Overall, it's okayish. Sad that the 2nd season feels aweful & dumb, but 1st season was awesome.
  • Apr 14, 2021
    At times charming and a fun origin theorization of one of the more mysterious and beloved DC supporting characters. But too easily and often goes off the rails, but them steps on the gas and plows into the dirt and then keeps burrowing lower. The line between sarcastic/not taking ones self too seriously...vs ludicrous and un-entertaining is a fine one, and they too often dont just cross it. They cartwheel and dance all over it with preposterous plot devices and horrific character arcs. A blue not quite dead guy who is infused with posion muted by whiskey...and can shoot poison flamethrower blasts from his pores? Seriously? Thats what you call a season finale?!?! Several actors give it their all with such material. But it mostly just fails the reality check testing
  • Apr 13, 2021
    Needs better politics
  • Mar 14, 2021
    The Star Jack Bannon would make an excellent 1960s James Bond ! The series is awesome with a slightly fantasy take on life in Britain and ex SAS Pennyworth's adventures before Gotham. Violence, swearing, not for kids !
  • Mar 07, 2021
    Where are all the critics? 2 ? only 2 audience reviews? Oh I get it. Its not woke garbage so none of you want to spend your time reviewing it. I completely understand. Well for the rest of you wondering , its pretty good. I mean, its not Gotham but its pretty good. Im not sold on the main character because im really picky about my casting. But he does a good job. The show is worth watching but its not some ground breaking work. I just cant believe no one wants to weigh in on the show. Where are the british reviews? British critics? Oh yeah, they are all woke garbage critics too. Your silence speaks volumes.
  • Mar 01, 2021
    absolutely underrated .... pennyworth plays like a slightly more gritty and consequential Gotham (from the same writer)... a continuation of this writers awesome talent it feels badder, where the consequences might be greater than Gotham, it has a more serious edge while essentially being a comic book style story and still retaining the excellent sense of "fun" that Gotham had. It focuses immediately on it's plot arc, more than Gothams more varied structure. excellent world detail... we are in a British empire that never fell and is now a futuristic dystopia of sorts, one that retained a rigid monarchy. Apparently the British counterpart of Gotham city. Personally i think the actors are excellent, i think some people dismiss this approach to a protagonist that is often lacking complication (he's a hero, he's no doubt gonna save the day like James Bong etc). Final point, the show is very fun, an ambiguous quality. Often very comic book, exciting, even cheeky.
  • Jan 17, 2021
    This series is getting better and better. Can't wait for the new episode to release. I'm surprise so little marketing and announcement about these series and I discovered there's a whole first season is published and I don't even heard about it. This is a gem! From the lines, jokes, film score, actors choices, fashion, filming scenery....absolutely loving it! 🍅

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