The Contingency


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Reese is feeling at a loss with Finch having been kidnapped by Root aka Caroline Turing, the woman who the machine had identified as a person of interest, but who had set the machine up so that she could find Finch. Reese however does discover that Finch had set the machine up to use him as the contingency if anything were ever to happen to him, although it takes some deciphering on Reese's part to discover how the machine communicates the numbers.


Amy Acker
as Root
Jay O. Sanders
as Special Counsel
Cotter Smith
as Denton Weeks
Ken Leung
as Leon Sung
Thomas Kopache
as Borsalino Cap
Dori Legg
as Waitress
Amy Morse
as Dealer
Ron Domingo
as Pharmacist
Richard Busser
as Strohm/Aryan Brother #1
Edgar Fox
as Aryan Brother #2
Tim Holmes
as Aryan Brother #3
Beth Laufer
as Blonde Woman
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