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While Reese leaves his newly acquired dog, Bear, with Fusco who will continue to investigate Alicia Corwin's death in New York, Reese and Carter head to Bishop, Texas to follow a lead about Root, and hopefully a still alive Finch who also hopefully did not need to divulge how to access the machine to Root in order to stay alive.


Amy Acker
as Root
Margo Martindale
as Barbara Russell
Jay O. Sanders
as Special Counsel
Cotter Smith
as Denton Weeks
Emily Robinson
as Hanna Frey
Kevin Loreque
as Trent Russell
Jeremy Kushnier
as Cody Grayson
Bill Cwikowski
as Fat Frank
Mercedes Griffeth
as Samantha Groves
Che Ayende
as Deputy
Rebecca Metz
as Young Barbara Russell
Loudon Wainright
as Sheriff Landry
Justin Patterson
as Motel Manager
Abdel Gonzalez
as PDE Driver
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