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Michael finds himself in solitary confinement and must talk his way out. His interlocutor: Sona's new commanding officer. Meanwhile, Susan B. finds a way to keep Linc motivated; Lang has a parting gift for Mahone; Sucre makes another delivery to Sona and Susan B. makes him an offer; T-Bag makes Whistler an offer and Sofia confronts him; Bellick's refusal to mop up a mess puts him in a very messy situation; and a mysterious American woman travels to Panama to see Michael.


Wentworth Miller
as Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell
as Lincoln Burrows
William Fichtner
as Alexander Mahone
Wade Williams
as Bellick
Chris Vance
as Whistler/Gary Miller
Robert Wisdom
as Lechero.Norman St. John
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Susan B./Gretchen Morgan
F.J. Rio
as Augusto
Castulo Guerra
as Gen. Zavala
Michael Seal
as Octavio
Rey Gallegos
as Cristobal
Victor Pagan
as Falsifacador
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