Rome (2005 - 2007)



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The Roman Empire's rise gets a royal treatment in this sprawling drama, which begins in 52 B.C., when Julius Caesar finally conquers Gaul, after years of war. Back in Rome, however, the Senate seeks to undermine Caesar's power, setting the stage for inevitable civil war. The HBO-BBC co-production took more than a year to make on acres of sets at Italy's legendary Cinecitta studios.


Critics Consensus: Pulp meets prestige in Rome's sensational second season -- though its style sometimes outweighs its substance.

2007, HBO, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Rome builds slowly, but a laborious start delivers rich rewards in the form of decadent sets, delicious drama and a surprising amount of intimacy.

2005, HBO, 12 episodes


Ciarán Hinds
as Gaius Julius Caesar
Kevin Mckidd
as Lucius Vorenus
Ray Stevenson
as Titus Pullo
Kenneth Cranham
as Pompey Magnus
Polly Walker
as Atia of the Julii
James Purefoy
as Mark Antony
Lindsay Duncan
as Servilia of the Junii
Tobias Menzies
as Marcus Junius Brutus
Max Pirkis
as Gaius Octavian
Kerry Condon
as Octavia of the Julii
Rick Warden
as Quintus Pompey
Anna Patrick
as Cornelia
Simon Woods
as Gaius Octavian (older)
David Kennedy
as Lucius Septimius
Coral Amiga
as Vorena the Elder
Ian McNeice
as Newsreader
Allen Leech
as Marcus Agrippa
Alex Wyndham
as Gaius Maecenas
Eliza Darby
as Daughter of Pompey
Guy Henry
as Cassius
Michele Pettini
as Son of Pompey
Haydn Gwynne
as Calpurnia
Vincenzo Nicoli
as Lysandros
Paolo Risi
as Cato the Dwarf
Anna Fausta Primiano
as Vorena the Younger
Cosimo Fusco
as Hannibal Cotta
Valery Usai
as Vorena the Younger
Max Baldry
as Caesarion
Scott Chisholm
as Ptolemy XIII
Amy Marston
as Deborah
Charlie Anson
as Emissary
Ewan Bailey
as Pertinax
Bruce MacKinnon
as Priscus Maevius
Richard Dillane
as Centurion Varro
Matthew Eggleton
as Egyptian Courtier
Nicolo Brecci
as Caesarion
Noa Bodner
as Prostitute
Sara Kestelman
as Old Woman
Kammy Darweish
as Rhodomantes
Edward de Souza
as Rich Merchant
Oreste Rotundo
as Aufidius Dento
Helen Stirling
as Old Weaver
Anne Lambton
as Pharmacopolist
Alessandro Ruo
as Pontifex Maximus
Jannina Salvetti
as Shopkeeper
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