The Watch


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The watch fiasco with Uncle Leo continues, as Jerry attempts to buy the watch from him to avoid problems with his parents. Meanwhile, Elaine brings Kramer along to act as her new boyfriend so she can break up with her current boyfriend, who also happens to be her shrink. Later, she runs into Crazy Joe Davola, and, unaware of his nickname and reputation, begins dating him. Bob Balaban, Barney Martin, and Liz Sheridan guest star. Originally airing September 30, 1992, "The Wallet, Part 2" was the sixth episode of the show's fourth season and the second in a two-parter that began the previous week.


Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
as George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Elaine Benes
Michael Richards
as Cosmo Kramer
Jessica Lundy
as Hostess
Len Lesser
as Uncle Leo
Lewis Dauber
as Doorman
Bob Balaban
as Russell Dalrymple
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