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The Bris


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When Jerry and Elaine are asked to be godparents, they are a little uneasy with the duties involved, mainly the requirements surrounding the baby's bris. At the same time, Kramer becomes convinced that a man he sees at the hospital is the result of a scientific experiment crossing a human with a pig. Calling back to Jerry and Elaine's story line, a scene in which Kramer attempts to rescue the pig-man is reminiscent of one from Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather. Meanwhile, once again, George finds himself in a predicament over a parking spot. Guest starring Charles Levin, Debra Mooney, and Tom Alan Robbins, "The Bris" originally aired October 14, 1993,and was the fifth episode of the show's fifth season.


Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
as George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Elaine Benes
Michael Richards
as Cosmo Kramer
Debra Mooney
as Mrs. Sweedler
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