The Wink


Episode Info

The trouble in this episode all begins when Jerry begins a grapefruit diet. When George is accidentally squirted in the eye with juice from one of the fruits, he finds himself unable to stop winking, giving everyone he talks to the wrong idea about the things he says. Specifically, Kramer is convinced that George has given him permission to sell a birthday card for George Steinbrenner signed by the entire New York Yankees organization. Once George learns of this, Kramer is left with the task of getting the card back from its new owner, a little boy who is sick in the hospital. Meanwhile, Elaine begins dating a dog-loving man from her wake-up service. Yankee Paul O'Neill appears as himself, and co-creator Larry David once again provides the voice of George Steinbrenner. Originally airing October 12, 1995, "The Wink" was the fourth episode of the show's seventh season.