The Yada Yada


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Yes, this is the one in which George's current girlfriend uses the phrase "yada yada" -- and drives George (Jason Alexander) crazy by leaving out the important details between the "yadas."Tim Whatley, Jerry's dentist (played by Malcolm in the Middle's Bryan Cranston) converts to Judaism, and Jerry suspects that his only motivation may be the ability to get away with telling Jewish jokes. Meanwhile, Kramer (Michael Richards) and his actor friend Mickey (Danny Woodburn) fight over which girl they'll get on a double date. And Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) thoroughly louses up the chances for her married friends Beth (Debra Messing) and Arnie (Stephen Caffrey) to adopt a child. This is also the episode in which real life marrieds Robert Wagner and Jill St. John turn up at the end (as Mickey's parents, Dr. Abbott and Mrs. Abbott) and accuse Jerry of being an "Anti-Dentite." .


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