The American Dream


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Fiona wakes in a panic. She cant believe she gave Meg a thousand dollars. She has no idea how to run a club night. Plus, the property tax is two weeks overdue. Lip finds out; and hes outraged. When Frank stumbles home drunk looking for a bed, nobody wants him back, except Debbie. Debbie not only tends to Frank, but she also helps Sheila with fussy Hymie. Unfortunately, for Sheila and Jody, however, Frank may be the only one that can keep him quiet. Lip begins his community service where he meets Casper (guest star JOSEPH FUHR) and the kids from City Youth, a group of North Side do-gooders helping to clean up the South Side. Lip comes up with a scam, however, to put these kids to work for his own financial benefit. Despite all her hard work, Fiona fails to make any money off the club, leaving Lip to use his newfound yuppie friends to make some money back. Kevs wife Cheryl (guest star CAMERON RICHARDSON) returns with her son Kyle. Frank calls Child Services on his own family.


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