Civil Wrongs


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Fiona's job at Worldwide Cup has brought structure into her life both at work and at home. Everything is perfect, until Jimmy drops a bomb on her: He's seriously considering going back to medical school. Fiona slowly warms up to the idea of med school until Jimmy drops another bomb: The med school is in Michigan. Frank enjoys his newfound celebrity as the face of the gay rights movement. His speeches inspire. His enthusiasm is contagiousand he is handsomely compensated. Frank meets Alistair Huddleston (guest star DAN DONOHUE) who works for a transformational ministry specializing in conversion therapy, where Frank discovers there's even more money (and sex) to be made in having to straighten out. With Karen in a coma, Debbie continues to look after Sheila at the hospital. Ian struggles to wrap his mind around Mickey's decision to get married. V anxiously awaits her moms pregnancy test results. And Lip finally realizes the awful truth about what really happened to Karen.


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