The Foot
Six Feet Under Season 1

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Following the particularly messy death of a bakery owner, Federico (Freddy Rodriguez) has his hands full preparing the body for viewing. His task is complicated when the baker's foot goes missing -- little does he know that it's in the possession of Claire (Lauren Ambrose), who plans to use it to exact vengeance on her ex-boyfriend Gabe, who told the entire school about her toe-sucking exploits. Meanwhile, Nate (Peter Krause) learns that their business rival Kroehner has bought the house across the street, which he plans to turn into a cut-rate crematorium that will put the Fishers out of business. However, Kroehner's plan hits an unforseen obstacle when the house goes up in flames after Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) and Nate enjoy an incendiary session of their own in its abandoned living room.

Cast & Crew

Peter Krause
Nate Fisher Jr.
Rachel Griffiths
Brenda Chenowith
Frances Conroy
Ruth Fisher
Michael C. Hall
David Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
Claire Fisher
Freddy Rodriguez
Federico Diaz
Jeremy Sisto
Billy Chenowith
Richard Jenkins
Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Eric Balfour
Gabriel Dimas
Gary Hershberger
Matthew Gilardi
Hayden Tank
Young Nate
John Capodice
Tommy Romano
Sandra Purpuro
Barbara Romano
Carol Ann Susi
Pauline Romano
Joe Basile
Morgue Attendant
Lindsey Parks
Jeannie Fritzen
Marty Belafsky
Bakery Worker
Alan Ball
Executive Producer
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