The Eye Inside
Six Feet Under Season 3

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The third season of Six Feet Under continues its long, slow setup with another episode devoted to patient character development. Claire (Lauren Ambrose) finally decides she's had enough of her hottie beau's philandering; she kicks Phil (J.P. Pitoc) to the curb and throws herself into art school, where new friend Russell (Ben Foster) and new instructor Olivier (Peter MacDissi) liven things up. Lisa (Lili Taylor), meanwhile, escapes a toxic relationship of her own by walking out on Carol (Catherine O'Hara), her neurotic movie-exec boss. A frustrated Nate (Peter Krause) resigns himself to moving his young family back into his mother's home. Ruth (Frances Conroy) is overjoyed at Nate's return, although she's also busy enjoying the hijinks of Bettina (Kathy Bates), her straight-talking, shoplifting new insta-best friend. As for David (Michael C. Hall) and Keith (Mathew St. Patrick), they struggle to loosen up and enjoy a poolside vacation together. Fun is eventually had, although their return to the city soon destroys any easygoing momentum they've attained. Amidst such minutiae, the biggest drama occurs with this week's featured death: a young woman (Megan Austin Oberle) mowed down by a car as a direct result of a cruel prank played by friends. Originally broadcast March 16, 2003, on HBO, "The Eye Inside" marked season three, episode three of the made-for-cable drama.

Cast & Crew

Peter Krause
Nate Fisher Jr.
Rachel Griffiths
Brenda Chenowith
Richard Jenkins
Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Frances Conroy
Ruth Fisher
Michael C. Hall
David Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
Claire Fisher
Freddy Rodriguez
Federico Diaz
Lili Taylor
Lisa Kimmel Fisher
Ben Foster
Russell Corwin
Peter Macdissi
Olivier Castro-Staal
Sarah Rafferty
Rachel Mortimer
Megan Austin Oberle
Callie Mortimer
Judith Baldwin
Paula Mortimer
Alan Ball
Executive Producer
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