The Trap
Six Feet Under Season 3

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Nate (Peter Krause) continues his descent into quiet desperation as Fisher & Diaz prepares to bury the recently unearthed remains of a young husband and father who disappeared without a trace decades earlier. Adding to Nate's just-married angst, Lisa (Lili Taylor) spends her time micromanaging his finances instead of finding a new job of her own. She also goes ballistic when Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) turns up to make amends with Nate as part of a 12-step recovery program for sex addicts. Nate and Brenda share a few drinks, but he keeps his guard up and expresses none of his doubts about his sudden matrimony. David (Michael C. Hall), too, is haunted by an old lover: Terry (Matt Winston), a fellow singer in the gay men's chorus, who reminds David of their brief and frenzied encounter years ago in a department-store men's room. Ashamed of his own past repression, David is relieved to realize he's finally at peace with his sexual identity. Speaking of which, Claire (Lauren Ambrose) finds her feelings in disarray when Russell (Ben Foster), her supposedly gay best friend, declares that he's actually straight and wants to date her. She considers it -- until Olivier (Peter MacDissi), her manipulative art professor, advises her to shun emotional intimacy if she wants to become a great artist. Blowing Russell off, Claire focuses on her new job as Olivier's assistant. Federico (Freddy Rodriguez), too, hires a new sidekick: Arthur (Rainn Wilson), a mortuary school student who agrees to work for nothing but room and board at the Fisher house. As for Keith (Mathew St. Patrick), he's still stuck in the same terrible job as a rent-a-cop. A disturbing altercation with a fellow security guard, however, convinces him it's time to look for other employment. Originally broadcast March 30, 2003, on HBO, "The Trap" marked season three, episode five of the made-for-cable drama.

Cast & Crew

Peter Krause
Nate Fisher Jr.
Rachel Griffiths
Brenda Chenowith
Richard Jenkins
Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Frances Conroy
Ruth Fisher
Michael C. Hall
David Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
Claire Fisher
Freddy Rodriguez
Federico Diaz
Rainn Wilson
Arthur Martin
Lili Taylor
Lisa Kimmel Fisher
Ben Foster
Russell Corwin
Peter Macdissi
Olivier Castro-Staal
Josh Radnor
Will Jaffe
Terri Hanauer
Diane Buckner
Dennis Cockrum
Chris Buckner
Alan Ball
Executive Producer
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