Smallville: Season 5 (2005 - 2006)

Season 5

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Air date: Sep 29, 2005

More than a dozen years ago, a meteor shower burst from the heavens, raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville, Kansas. The intervening years have left the town's inhabitants with scars and secrets. From the ashes of tragedy, Clark Kent (series star TOM WELLING) has grown into an awkward teen. While adolescence always brings its challenges, Clark's transition from boyhood to manhood has been particularly difficult. He has struggled to come to grips with his emerging superpowers--and the effects of various forms of kryptonite--while battling the strange things that have plagued this idyllic Midwest hamlet since the meteor shower. The guardians of Clark's secret identity have always been his adoptive parents, Jonathan (series star JOHN SCHNEIDER) and Martha Kent--although Clark's friend Chloe Sullivan recently learned of Clark's powers.

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Air date: Oct 6, 2005

Jor-El (voiced by TERENCE STAMP) strips Clark of his powers, making him human. Delighted to finally be "normal," Clark pursues a relationship with Lana. However, after Lana, Jonathan and Martha are taken hostage by three thugs, Clark must find a way to save his family without his superpowers.

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Air date: Oct 13, 2005

Chloe is warned by former classmate Gabriel (JOHNNY LEWIS) that he is going to set off a missile and obliterate all of Smallville. Still stripped of his superpowers, Clark confronts Gabriel and is shot. In the hospital, Clark flatlines, and his fate is left in Jor-El's (voiced by TERENCE STAMP) hands. Meanwhile, Lex believes Lionel has the key to open Clark's spaceship.

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Air date: Oct 20, 2005

A summer beach party at Crater Lake takes a dramatic turn when Lois (recurring guest star ERICA DURANCE) hits her head while jumping into the lake. Before Clark can save her, a mysterious swimmer named AC (ALAN RITCHSON) comes to her rescue, out-swimming Clark and leaving him baffled. Professor Fine (recurring guest star JAMES MARSTERS) tells Clark that Lex is behind a covert weapons manufacturing operation. AC breaks into a LuthorCorp facility in an attempt to destroy one of Lex's dangerous experiments and is captured by Lex.

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Air date: Oct 27, 2005

Lana enrolls at Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority in order to get housing at such a late date. However, her new sorority sisters offer her more than a place to live after they turn her into a vampire and instruct her to kill Clark. Meanwhile, Chloe applies for an internship at The Daily Planet, but the newspaper's formidable editor, Pauline Kahn (CARRIE FISHER - "Star Wars"), may be more then she can handle.

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Air date: Nov 3, 2005

Clark and Jonathan are thrilled when Jake Jennings (TOM WOPAT - John Schneider's fellow star in the series "The Dukes of Hazzard"), Jonathan's oldest friend, comes to the Kent farm looking for their support in his campaign for reelection to the Senate. However, after a woman named Melissa (SARAH MUTCH) turns up dead, it is revealed that she was a stripper and Jennings' mistress, which makes Jennings the prime suspect. Searching for answers, Chloe convinces Lois (recurring guest star ERICA DURANCE) to go undercover as a stripper, but things take a dangerous turn when Lois is kidnapped by a diplomat's son who intends to sell her into slavery.

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Air date: Nov 10, 2005

Clark is exposed to silver kryptonite, causing him to have paranoid delusions. The element makes him believe that Chloe is going to reveal his secret; Jonathan is scheming against him with Lionel; and Lex and Lana are having a secret relationship. Chloe and the Kents frantically search for a cure; however, it is Professor Fine (recurring guest star JAMES MARSTERS) who comes to Clark's rescue--but not without his own agenda.

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Air date: Nov 17, 2005

After Martha contracts a strange disease and is given hours to live, Clark asks Professor Fine (recurring guest star JAMES MARSTERS) for help. The professor convinces Clark that Jor-El is responsible for Martha's illness and that the only way to save her is to destroy the Fortress of Solitude. However, once the two arrive at the Fortress, Professor Fine tries to free Zod and kill Clark.

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Air date: Dec 8, 2005

Lex is given an envelope with damaging information that could destroy Jonathan's life and must decide whether or not he will use it, as it would also bring harm to Clark and Martha. Before he can choose what to do, Lex is shot and falls into a coma. He dreams that his mother, Lillian (recurring guest star ALISEN DOWN), visits him and shows him the life he could lead if he walks away from his father and LuthorCorp. In this alternate life, Lex is happily married to Lana with a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Chloe asks Clark to use his powers to deliver Christmas presents to needy kids.

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Air date: Jan 12, 2006

Jonathan receives threats on his life from a mysterious source who urges him to drop out of the senate race. Later, Clark finds his dad bloody and beaten and is determined to find Jonathan's attacker. Clark discovers that a group of Lex's followers will do anything to see that Lex wins the election. Lois' (recurring guest star ERICA DURANCE) life is threatened, only to be spared if she assassinates Jonathan during his speech. Lionel offers to give Martha money to help Jonathan's campaign. Lana is convinced that the answers she is looking for lie in researching the first meteor shower.

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Clark Kent now carries a full load of classes at Central Kansas University, but that's not all he carries. He carries the full weight of his and perhaps the world's destiny.

Cast & Crew

Tom Welling
Clark Kent
Kristin Kreuk
Lana Lang
Michael Rosenbaum
Lex Luthor
Allison Mack
Chloe Sullivan
John Schneider
Jonathan Kent
Annette O'Toole
Martha Kent
John Glover
Lionel Luthor
Alisen Down
Lillian Luthor
Camille Mitchell
Sheriff Nancy Adams
Dean McKenzie
Campaign Manager
African Envoy
Chad Hershler
Head Engineer
Alfred Gough
Executive Producer
Miles Millar
Executive Producer
Al Septien
Holly Herold
Peter Ellis
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Critic Reviews for Smallville Season 5

Audience Reviews for Smallville: Season 5

  • Jul 26, 2020
    A more villainous turn for Lex the arrival of Braniac and expanded world of heroes will give fans what they want.
  • May 09, 2020
    I did not appreciate the juvenile episodes, with theatrical acting. They should have molded the show in a mature way, not try to have "fun episodes," I loved episodes such as the one with Aquaman.
  • Apr 29, 2020
    The absolute peak of the series it brings everything together into a perfect. Climax.
  • Jul 07, 2019
    this season is all about hypeing up zod and lional is at his best here some great moments and is very tragic in a unexpected twist
  • Nov 23, 2018
    Although fun and at times packed with great action and some more emotional moments Season 5 kinda loses it's steam in a few places after episode 15. (7.5/10)
  • Oct 02, 2018
    Good season and amazing
  • Mar 05, 2017
    In the previous season, Smallville lacked the emotional dramatic punch that had created such enjoyable characters. Also, with the characters graduating at the end of the season, it was clear that the show was in for a major change of pace. While this fifth season did not always hit the jackpot in that area, it by and large was extremely successful in moving the show in a new direction. As the season progressed, the focus perceptively shifted from the Clark/Lana/Chloe relationship triangle to the "comic book geek" aspect of the Superman mythology. Let's first look at what failed during this season, then examine the many things that went right: The most noticeable failure of Season Five was the episode "Thirst" (where Lana joins a college sorority and becomes a vampire), widely regarded as the worst episode in the show's history. Also, a conscious effort to raise the gratuitous sex appeal in the show is seen, what with Lois Lane's "patriotic" striptease in "Exposed" and the episode entitled "Hypnotic", which focuses on Clark's sexual relationship with a meteor freak. Though I understand that "sex sells" (especially to Smallville's teenage audience), those types of relationships also serve to undermine the engaging relationships of Smallville's past. Besides the single clinker and amped-up sex appeal, this season had a wide variety of bright spots: -Clark and Lana are finally able to have a normal relationship at the beginning of the season (sadly, it would be the last time that relationship carried with it any emotional punch). -Two more characters (one "mechanical" and one "amphibious") are introduced who are vital to Clark's future. -Lex is shown what his life could be like if he chooses to soften his heart. -The Senate race between Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor heats up, culminating in the show's 100th episode, "Reckoning", which will bring a tear to even the most cynical of viewers. -The introduction of a Lex/Lana relationship, which contains many intriguing facets. -Finally, the introduction of Professor Fine, a heralded villain from the Superman cannon who unleashes the most terrible evil in Kryptonian history. Overall, Smallville's fifth season was an action-packed ride from beginning to end. Though sacrificing many of the show's core characters/relationships in favor of sex appeal, the show was able to successful morph itself from teen-drama to science fiction (for better or worse, depending on who you are). The final scene will have you screaming at your TV for resolution!
  • Mar 23, 2014
    This is one of my favorite season's of smallville but I can't figure out is after season 4 why they would go back to the annoying clark/lana relationship
  • Dec 03, 2013
    While entertaining, this fifth season starts to make the series go off-track, it has potential but it never lives up to it. Still very interesting at times, but ideas are clearly running out.

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