South Park: Season 18 (2014)

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South Park

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    Oof, that was Rotten.

    Meh, it passed the time.

    It’s good – I’d recommend it.


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Air date: Sep 24, 2014

The 18th season opens with the boys launching a Kickstarter campaign, raising the ire of an NFL team's boss in the process.

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Air date: Oct 1, 2014

Mr. Mackey's proselytizing about his gluten-free diet gets on everyone's nerves, until the whole town decides to follow his lead.

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Air date: Nov 16, 2014

Cartman calls Stan a cissy. Meanwhile, Randy's been keeping a huge secret and the pressure is more than he can stand.

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Air date: Sep 11, 2014

Timmy's new car service is an overnight sensation, but it also makes him a lot of enemies.

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Air date: Nov 26, 2014

A scandalous invasion of privacy makes the South Park denizens edgy as Cartman and Butters get in possession of a drone.

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Air date: Nov 5, 2014

Stan's addicted to a new app marketed by Terrance and Phillip, but the duo find that all the money they're making can't buy happiness.

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Air date: Dec 10, 2014

Butters lives in a virtual reality that causes him to wreak havoc at home and all over town.

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Air date: Nov 19, 2014

Illegal activity at City Wok becomes a distraction that's impossible for the boys to ignore.

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Air date: Jan 14, 2015

Randy's forced to perform again after Stan spends all the Marsh's money on freemium games; Kyle gets upset when Ike doesn't want to play with him anymore.

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Air date: Dec 10, 2014

Kyle plans a holiday special for TV in hopes of bringing families together again with help from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Meanwhile, Cartmaaan Bra is still trending as holograms continue to run rampant in South Park.

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Tv Season Info

Series 17 of South Park continues the misadventures of Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny in the fictional town. Episodes include "Handicar" which sees Timmy try to raise money for summer camp and "Grounded Vindaloop" where Cartman tricks Butters in to believing he is living in virtual reality.

Cast & Crew

April Stewart
Wendy Testaburger/Sharon Marsh/Principal Victoria
Matt Stone
Kyle Broflovski/The Ghost of Kenny/Doctor 2/Butler/Thomas McElroy
Trey Parker
Stan Marsh/Eric Cartman/Randy Marsh/Timmy/Mr. Mackey
Mona Marshall
Elderly Women
Elisa Gabrielli
Laura Tucker
Jake McDermott
Lleyton J. Matthews
Victoria Mason
Milan Agnone
Ike Broslofski
Peter Serafinowicz
Match Commentator
Adrien Beard
Token Black/Mr. Black
Kellen Michael
Real-Life Cartman
Max Kalvan
Real-Life Kenny
Rowan Smyth
Real-Life Butters
Roger Goodell
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Critic Reviews for South Park Season 18

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If this is what we can look forward to for the next few weeks, well, that'll be pretty fun, too-there's really not that much to complain about.

Sep 25, 2014 | Rating: B- | Full Review…

South Park came into Season 18, guns blazing, with a merciless eye on the National Football League.

Sep 25, 2014 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for South Park: Season 18

  • Mar 28, 2016
    While some episodes are weaker then others, Season 18 of South Park hints at a new future for the show - one that may involve recurring storylines and actual character development, which is very exicting.
    Matthew M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 11, 2015
    South Park attacked SJWs, it was amazing.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Sep 30, 2015
    As outrageous and provocative as ever, Season 18 of South Park delivers some fun laughs. Especially topical, the season addresses the controversy over the NFL's Washington Red Skins, drones, Freemium gaming, and YouTube commentating. Additionally, the episodes are surprisingly serialized, with continuing story arcs throughout the season; such as Randy secretly moonlighting as the pop singer Lorde. And the comedy is outlandish, and incredibly funny (for the most part). Still, it gets rather vulgar at times, really pushing the TV-MA rating. Also, a lot of the jokes are contingent on knowing the pop culture references and current events being spoofed. Irreverently entertaining, South Park: Season 18 continues the series' trademark brand of social satire.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 19, 2021
    A really good season with episodes such as Go Fund Yourself, Gluten Free Ebola, The Cissy, Handicar, Freemium Isn't Free, and Grounded Vindaloop.
  • Oct 26, 2020
    Funny great season just is
  • Oct 25, 2020
    Wow so much funny scenes
  • Sep 20, 2019
    Season 18 of South Park is the worst one yet, It is so-so in terms of quality with some episodes being pretty good, but some unfortunately being quite bad. It is such a disappointment and a major step back for the show. "Go Fund Yourself" Is a good first episode I like how they made fun of the Washington Redskins. "Gluten Free Ebola" Is another good episode that is really relevant and at times very funny. "The Cissy" Is an at times really good episode with Wendy and Cartman being very entertaining but the whole Randy being Lorde subplot is just stupid maybe it's because I have zero interest in lorde and think she's unnecessary to even make fun of and South Park can do so much better than this but I never once smiled about any of the Lorde scenes as the development is unnecessary and too extended. "Handicar" Is just a disappointment to me Nathan and Mimsy's return was very welcome but sadly they weren't as entertaining this time around, I found the story to just be boring and unfunny, though I really liked the Wacky Races parody. "The Magic Bush" is a good parody of what men nowadays expect of women what their vaginas are concerned and I just found those moments where everyone ridiculed Craig's mom hilarious but the entire episode unfortunately never quite took off despite it being pretty funny at times. "Freemium Isn't Free" is wildly uneven, structurally odd and some parts are better than others, but it succeeds in parodying freemium games and how destructive they can be for your pocket, In fact, you can learn a lot from this episode as it is very informative, also Stan and Satan are really good in this. "Grounded Vindaloop" started off really well with a classic Cartman/Butters dynamic, but it quickly turned into an awfully convoluted, but unsophisticated storyline with quite frankly dull and weak humor. "Cock Magic" Is sadly the best this season has to offer the boys are really great in this but still, especially compared to South Park's standards this isn't great or anything. "#REHASH and #HappyHolograms" is just the worst two parter South Park have ever and probably will ever do, nobody is great here and the episodes feel rushed and stuffed with too many subplots and characters and sadly not a single character is entertaining or funny here. Overall, this Season has too many episodes that are not only mediocre, but frankly bad and the overall continuity format is done with rather bad results, Randy is just awful in this season having him be Lorde is just the dumbest and most unfunniest thing Parker and Stone have ever come up with. None of the episodes are great and most are mediocre, Season 18 is A really disappointing and Forgettable Season of South Park. Best Episode: "Cock Magic" Worst Episode: "#HappyHolograms"
  • Mar 11, 2018
    Watching a squirrel die is more enjoyable than watching this crap (I am referring to this lame excuse for a tv show).
  • Oct 23, 2017
    Season 18 boasts some great episodes of the series, however, there are a few duds here and there you have to stomach first. 3.5/5 stars
  • Oct 30, 2015
    I like this season but I like season 19 a little better!

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