Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 - 1999)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


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Different races try to coexist peacefully in the third `Star Trek' spin-off. This one takes place on a 24th-century space station that serves as a frontier town on the edge of a wormhole that enables travelers to journey vast distances in short periods of time. The syndicated series included several characters from its predecessor, `Star Trek: The Next Generation,' and had a healthy seven-season run.

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Critics Consensus: The final season of Deep Space Nine provides a satisfying conclusion to one of the franchise's most beloved voyages.

1998, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1997, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1996, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1995, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1994, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1993, Syndicated, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Deep Space Nine's first season lays the groundwork for what could be the grittiest Star Trek series yet.

1993, Syndicated, 20 episodes


Avery Brooks
as Cdr. Sisko
Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Bashir
Terry Farrell
as Jadzia Dax
Cirroc Lofton
as Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney
as Miles O'Brien
Nana Visitor
as Maj. Kira Nerys
Michael Dorn
as Lt. Cdr. Worf
Nicole de Boer
as Lt. Ezri Dax
Marc Alaimo
as Gul Dukat
J.G. Hertzler
as Gen. Martok
Wallace Shawn
as Grand Nagus
James Darren
as Vic Fontaine
Salome Jens
as Female Changeling
Philip Anglim
as Vedek Bareil
Barry Jenner
as Adm. Ross
Hana Hatae
as Molly O'Brien
F.J. Rio
as Muniz
Tim Russ
as T'Kar
Brock Peters
as Joseph Sisko
John Fleck
as Ornithar
Tiny Ron
as Maihar'du
Melanie Smith
as Tora Ziyal
Paul Dooley
as Enabran Tain
Nicholas Worth
as Alien Captain
Randy Oglesby
as Ah-Kel/Ro-Kel
Ann H. Gillespie
as Nurse Jabara
Bernie Casey
as Cal Hudson
Felecia Bell
as Jennifer
Duncan Regehr
as Former Resistance Leader
Richard Poe
as Cardassian
Danny Goldring
as Legate Kell
Majel Barrett
as Lwaxana Troi
James Lashly
as Lt. Primmin
Herschel Sparber
as Jaresh-Inyo
Todd Waring
as DeCurtis
Jay Baker
as Stevens
Robert Picardo
as Zimmerman
Keone Young
as Buck Bokai
Craig Wasson
as Ee'Char
Stephen Davies
as Tactical Officer
Bobby Reilly
as Countman
Jack Shearer
as Vadosia
Mary Kay Adams
as Klingon Widow
James J. Sloyan
as Dr.Mora Pol
Penny Johnson
as Kasidy Yates
Faith C. Salie
as Genetically Enhanced Woman
Gary Frank
as Yedrin
Tom Hodges
as Pechetti
John Carter
as Chancellor
Clara Bryant
as Chandra
John Prosky
as Brathaw
Kay E. Kuter
as The Sirah
Don Stark
as Ashrock
Edward Wiley
as Gul Toran
Jimmie F. Skaggs
as Glinn Boheeka
Scott Haven
as Virak'kara
John Schuck
as Legate Parn
Tom Morga
as Jem'Hadar Soldier
Robert Miano
as Frankie Eyes
Al Rodrigo
as Bernardo
Marc Worden
as Alexander
Fitz Sperberg
as Ixtana'Rax
Michelle Krusiec
as 18-Year-Old Molly
Alan Oppenheimer
as Capt. Keogh
Charlie Brill
as Renegade Klingon
Bari Hochwald
as Dr. Lense
Jerry Roberts
as Meso'Clan
Sam Zeller
as Ch'Targh
Bruke Gray
as Adm. Chekote
Andrew Prine
as Legate Turrel
Lelie Bevis
as Boslic Captain
Ron Canada
as Ch'Pok
Randy Mulkey
as Idanian No. 2
Ernest Perry Jr.
as Adm. Whatley
Samantha Mudd
as Chandler
Ted Sorel
as Kaval
Van Epperson
as Bajoran Clerk
John Vickery
as Gul Rusot
Leslie Bevis
as Freighter Captain
James Otis
as Solbor
Randy James
as Security
Dey Young
as Fugitive Woman
Kelly Curtis
as Miss Sarda
Michael J. Anderson
as Rumpelstilskin
Bo Zenga
as Asoth
Lisa Banes
as Dr. Renhol
Felecia M. Bell
as Sisko's Wife
Andrew Hawkes
as Amat'igan
David Drew Gallagher
as Riley Shepard
Peter Vogt
as Bajoran Man
Erick Avari
as Vedek Yarka
Tim Halligan
as Farrakk
Daphne Ashbrook
as Cartographer
Jill Sayre
as Dabo Girl
Richard Libertini
as Emissary of Prophets
Patricia Tallman
as Nurse Tagano
Ron Taylor
as Klingon Chief
John Bennett
as Gabriel Bell
Joel Sweto
as Gul Jasad
Judi M. Durand
as Cardassian Computer Voice
Susan Bay
as Admiral
Iggy Pop
as Yelgrun
Brian Keith
as Old Farmer
Natalija Nogulich
as Adm. Necheyeyv
Cliff De Young
as Alien Outlaw
Bumper Robinson
as Young Jem'Hadar
Steven Berkoff
as Arms Dealer
Matthew Faison
as Surmak Ren
Caitlin Brown
as Ty Kajada
Cyndi Pass
as Ginger
Frank Kopyc
as Bolian Aide
Joel Swetow
as Gul Jasad
Jeffrey Nordling
as Bajoran Terrorist
Leslie Hope
as Kira's Mother
Harris Yulin
as Cardassian
Stephen Carver
as Dead Bajoran
Nick Tate
as Mob Informant
Helene Udy
as Female Ferengi
Paul Eckstein
as Limara'Son
James Horan
as Ikat'ika
Megan Cole
as Sen. Cretak
Lily Mariye
as Ops Officer
Joe Reynolds
as Hickman
April Grace
as Transporter Chief
Kevin McDermott
as Alien Batter
Debra Wilson
as Lisa Cusak
Darlene Carr
as E'Tyshra
Anne Haney
as Judge Renora
Peter Crombie
as Fallit Kot
Matt McKenzie
as Dr. Weld Ram
Parker Whitman
as Cardassian Officer
Robert Mandan
as Kotan Pa'Dar
Debi Monahan
as Melissa
Stephen Gevedon
as Klingon #1
Cress Williams
as Talak'talan
Bill Bolender
as The Albino
Bruce Gray
as Adm. Chekote
Fritz Sperberg
as 2nd Ixtana'Rax
John Beck
as Boone
Matthew Kimbrough
as Alien High Roller
Scott Strozier
as Security Guard
Norman Large
as Captain
Christopher Michael
as Helm Officer
Megan Butler
as Lieutenant
Stephen Rowe
as Chanting Monk
John Patrick Hayden
as Cardassian Overseer
Jill Jacobson
as Chalon Aroya
Michael Jace
as 1st Officer
Ed Wiley
as Gul Toran
Trula M. Marcus
as Female Villager
Bennet Guillory
as Medical Big Shot
Thomas Hobson
as Young Jake
Tom Villard
as Prylar Bek
Kathleen Garrett
as Vulcan Captain
Conor O'Farrell
as Prof. Jeff Carlson
James Black
as Helmsman
Jeb Brown
as Ensign
William Frankfather
as Male Shapeshifter
Loren Lester
as Attendant
Gene Armor
as Bajoran Bureaucrat
Chris Halsted
as Jem'Hadar Fister
Robert Zachar
as Head Guard
Tom Klunis
as Old Man
James MacDonald
as Capt. Wainwright
Eric Server
as Peace Officer
Henry Hayashi
as Male Guest
Daniel Riordan
as 1st Guard
Lilyan Chauvin
as Vedek Yassim
William Shatner
as James T. Kirk
Scott Trost
as Bajoran Officer
Christopher Doyle
as Jem'Hadar Officer
Richard Ryder
as Bajoran Deputy
Anthony Guidera
as Cardassian
Mina Badie
as Security Officer
Patrick Cupo
as Bajoran Man
Frank Novak
as Businessman
Rudolph Willrich
as Academy Commandant
Tony Epper
as Drunken Klingon
Eric Stuart
as Stairway Guard
DeForest Kelley
as Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Johnny Moran
as Bajoran Man
Todd Feder
as Federation Male
James Doohan
as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
Daniel Zacapa
as Henry Garcia
Darin Cooper
as Cardassian Officer
Walter Koenig
as Pavel Chekov
William Wellman Jr.
as Bajoran Officer
Stanley Adams
as Cyrano Jones
Erika Klein
as Adm. Sitak
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