The Menagerie, Part II
Star Trek Season 1

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Footage from Star Trek's original pilot episode is incorporated into this two-part episode of the enduring science fiction television series. The Enterprise arrives at a starbase in response to a signal from Captain Chistopher Pike, the starship's previous commander, only to discover that Pike, now paralyzed, did not send any such message. While Kirk is on the starbase, attempting to solve the mystery, Mr. Spock unexpectedly hijacks the Enterprise, fleeing with Captain Pike. Kirk and the starbase commander give chase; when they finally contact the Enterprise, Spock turns himself in and asks for a court-martial. During his trial, he shows records from his days on Pike's Enterprise, including a visit to the now off-limits planet of Talos IV. (These are in fact scenes from Star Trek: The Cage, the rejected pilot episode of the series.) Despite the detailed images of Pike and Spock's encounter with the Talosians, an alien race that has mastered the art of illusion, Kirk and the starbase commander remain skeptical. Spock must somehow explain his odd behavior and convince the court of the truth of his statements in order to maintain his reputation and, more importantly, to protect the universe.


William Shatner
as Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Mr. Spock
Susan Oliver
as Vina
Meg Wyllie
as The Keeper
Sean Kenney
as Injured Pike
Julie Parrish
as Miss Piper
Majel Barrett
as Number One
Laurel Goodwin
as Yoeman J. M. Colt
John Hoyt
as Dr. Phillip Boyce
Peter Duryea
as Navigator Jose Tyler
Clegg Hoyt
as Transporter Chief
Joseph Mell
as Slave Trader
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