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Star Trek (1966 - 1969)

Star Trek (1966 - 1969)





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Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and the USS Enterprise crew seek out new civilizations in this seminal sci-fi series.

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Critics Consensus: Budget cuts leave the stars of Star Trek stranded among shoddy set pieces and clunky writing -- though even at its worst fans may still enjoy its campy delights.

1968, NBC, 24 episodes

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1967, NBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: An optimistic ode to humanity, Star Trek may look dated, but its gadgetry and solid storytelling solidify its place as one of pop culture's most enduring franchises.

1966, NBC, 29 episodes


William Shatner
as Capt. James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelley
as Dr. Leonard McCoy
Grace Lee Whitney
as Yeoman Janice Rand
James Doohan
as Engineer Montgomery Scott
Majel Barrett
as Nurse Christine Chapel
Walter Koenig
as Ens. Pavel Chekov
Mark Lenard
as Romulan Commander
John Winston
as Lieutenant Kyle
Sean Kenney
as Injured Pike
Skip Homeier
as Melakon
Morgan Woodward
as Van Gelder
Makee K. Blaisdell
as Helmsman Spinelli
William Marshall
as Dr. Daystrom
Nathan Jung
as Genghis Khan
Roger Perry
as Captain
Ken Lynch
as Vanderberg
Robert Brown
as Lazarus
Percy Rodriguez
as Portmaster Stone
Roger C. Carmel
as Harry Mudd
Jerry Ayres
as O'Herlihy
Frank Overton
as Sandoval
Julie Parrish
as Miss Piper
Stewart Moss
as Tormolen
Jon Abbott
as Ayelborne
Ron Soble
as Wyatt Earp
John Megna
as Fat Boy
Arnold Moss
as Karidian
John Crawford
as Commissioner Ferris
Richard Derr
as Barstow
Hal Lynch
as Sergeant
Jane Wyatt
as Amanda
Paul Comi
as Stiles
Lee Bergere
as Lincoln
Sandra Smith
as Dr. Janice Lester
Gary Lockwood
as Mitchell
Grant Woods
as Kelowitz
Laurel Goodwin
as Yoeman J. M. Colt
Jon Lormer
as Dr. Theodore Haskins
Ed McCready
as Creature
Elizabeth Rogers
as Lt. Palmer
John Hoyt
as Dr. Phillip Boyce
Gene Lyons
as Ambassador Fox
Janet McLaghien
as Lt. Master
Joan Swift
as Aurelan
Anthony Caruso
as Bela Oxmyx
James Wellman
as Prof. Starnes
Jeff Corey
as Plasus
Harry Landers
as Dr. Arthur Coleman
John Fiedler
as Hengist
Roy Jenson
as Cloud William
Sally Kellerman
as Elizabeth
Sabrina Scharf
as Miramanee
Rex Holman
as Morgan
Libby Irwin
as Rindonian
John Warburton
as Centurion
Ed Peck
as Colonel Fellini
Peter Duryea
as Navigator Jose Tyler
Sid Haig
as First Lawgiver
Teri Garr
as Roberta
Jay Robinson
as Lord Petri
Paul Carr
as Lt. Lee Kelso
as Zahra
Logan Ramsey
as Claudius
Charles Stewart
as Capt. Ramart
Peter Marko
as Gaetano
Gary Coombes
as Gorn Captain
Peter Brocco
as Claymare
Meg Wyllie
as The Keeper
Diana Ewing
as Droxine
Paul Fix
as Dr. Mark Piper
Jim Goodwin
as Lt. Farrell
Oliver McGowan
as Caretaker
Clegg Hoyt
as Transporter Chief
Bartell LaRue
as Guardian of Forever
Jason Wingreen
as Dr. Linke
Bruce Watson
as Crewman Green
Barbara Luna
as Marlena Moreau
Richard Geary
as Andorian
Perry Lopez
as Lt. Rodriguez
Ben Gage
as Akaar
Sarah Marshall
as Dr. Wallace
Robert Lansing
as Gary Seven
Naomi Pollack
as Lt. Rahda
Kay Elliott
as Stella Mudd
Michael Pataki
as Adm. Fitzpatrick
Tony Young
as Kryton
Harry Basch
as Dr. Brown
Venita Wolf
as Yeoman Ross
Adam Roarke
as Crewman
Felix Locher
as Robert Johson
Ed Reimers
as Ens. Freeman
Booker Bradshaw
as Dr. M'Benga
Phillip Pine
as Col. Green
Bruce Mars
as Finnegan
Charles Maxwell
as Virgil Earp
Davis Roberts
as Dr. Ozaba
Gary Downey
as Tellarite
William Sargent
as Dr. Leighton
Rees Vaughn
as Latimer
Rhae Andrece
as Alice No. 1
Michael Zaslow
as Crewman Darnell
Stephen Mines
as Spec. Robert Tomlinson
Shari Nims
as Sayana
Beverly Washburn
as Arlene Galway
Don Keefer
as Cromwell
Bill Zuckert
as Johnny Behan
Lloyd Haynes
as Mr. Alden
Karl Bruck
as King Duncan
Alyce Andrece
as Alice No. 2
Judy McConnell
as Yeoman Tankris
Charlie Brill
as Arne Darvin
Ted Scott
as Eraclitus
Louise Jewell
as Drusilla
Francine Pyne
as Blonde Nancy
John Bellah
as Dr. Harrison
Stephen Brooks
as Garrovick
Sharon Gimpel
as M-113 Creature
Tom LeGarde
as Herman No. 1
Whit Bissell
as Mr. Lurry
Sean Morgan
as Lt. O'Neil
Jack Perkins
as Master of Games
Carolyn Nelson
as Yeoman Atkins
Julie Cobb
as Lt. Thompson
Max Kleven
as Maximus
Ted LeGarde
as Herman No. 2
William Bramley
as Policeman
Gregg Palmer
as Rancher
Miko Mayama
as Yeoman Tamura
Joseph Mell
as Slave Trader
James Doohan
as Melkotian Buoy
Leonard Mudie
as Elderly Survivor
Ed Madden
as Geologist
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