Ties of Blood and Water


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Lawrence Pressman guest stars as Tekeny Ghemor, a legendary Cardassian dissident who Kira has always regarded as a surrogate father. Now dying, Ghemor reveals secrets to Kira that she may use against her people's enemies. In the course of this ritualistic soul baring, Kira begins experiencing painful memories of her real father, and of his death at the hands of the Cardassian leaders. Scripted by Robert Hewitt Wolfe from a story by Edmund Newton and Robbin L. Slocum, "Ties of Blood and Water" debuted April 14, 1997.


Avery Brooks
as Cdr. Sisko
Nana Visitor
as Maj. Kira Nerys
Marc Alaimo
as Dukat
Jeffrey Combs
as Weyoun
Lawrence Pressman
as Dying Cardassian
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