You Are Cordially Invited...


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Having at last scored a victory against the Dominion, Sisko and his crew prepare to celebrate at the long-awaited wedding of Worf and Dax. But before the couple can enjoy connubial bliss, they must endure a few "inconveniences," including Worf's painful, ritualistic Klingon bachelor party, and the efforts by Worf's surrogate mother Sirella (Shannon Cochran) to kill the bride-to-be. Even so, Bashir is able to survey the situation and comment happily "There's nothing more romantic than a DS9 wedding in the springtime." Coming as it does in the middle of one of the series' grimmest story arcs, "You Are Cordially Invited. . ." was a welcome and refreshingly amusing change of pace. First telecast November 10, 1997, the episode was written by Ronald D. Moore.


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