Make It Reign
Supergirl Season 3



Critic Ratings: 10
Critics Consensus

"Make it Reign" begins a satisfying closing arc for one character while juggling a preponderance of plot points -- some of which are decidedly more involving than others.

Episode Info

Supergirl learns the true depth of Serena's nefarious plans for Earth. Supergirl, Mon-El and Alura must devise a plan to stop her before Serena gets to Earth. J'onn prepares to say goodbye to his father.


Melissa Benoist
as Kara Danvers/Supergirl
Mehcad Brooks
as James Olsen
Chyler Leigh
as Alex Danvers
Jeremy Jordan
as Winslow "Winn" Schott
Calista Flockhart
as Cat Grant
David Harewood
as Hank Henshaw/J'onn J'onzz
Floriana Lima
as Maggie Sawyer
Katie McGrath
as Lena Luthor
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Critic Reviews for Make It Reign

So far as penultimate episodes go "Let it Reign" is more function than intrigue, but M'rnn's arc nearing its close isn't the only thing the episode has to offer.

Jul 23, 2018 | Full Review…

When it came to defending the joint, Alex did most of the heavy lifting, utilizing every function of her new suit as she nearly singlehandedly fended off the coven.

Aug 1, 2018 | Full Review…

Mon-El's feelings appear to be all in on Kara, but there has to be a resolution for him and Imra first. They are still married, and that needs to be respected.

Jul 31, 2018 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

The memories are a small comfort, but the detail in which there are preserved will allow M'rynn to live on.

Jul 30, 2018 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

"Make It Reign" most struggles to blend its sci-fi and fantasy elements with Selena and her fellow Dark Kryptonians.

Jul 20, 2018 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

This week's episode was infinitely better. And yet, it was also a thousand plots a minute.

Jul 26, 2018 | Full Review…

Kryptonian witches are mean.

Jul 25, 2018 | Rating: B- | Full Review…

Coville was an interesting character, and the hints scattered throughout the season that he would play a larger role in the season-long arc were enticing. Unfortunately, his appearance he doesn't live up to that promise.

Jul 24, 2018 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review…

So, we spend a substantial portion of the episode basically watching the characters try to fix a computer.

Jul 24, 2018 | Full Review…

In the Fortress of Evil-tude, Selena has started the process of... I don't know... re-spawning (?) Reign.

Jun 13, 2018 | Full Review…