The Strain (2014 - 2017)

The Strain


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A vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

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Critics Consensus: The Strain concludes on a high note with a climactic season that will remind viewers of the series' initial bite.

2017, FX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Content with mediocrity, The Strain suffers under the weight of a stagnant story, scraping by on the pedigree of its style and visual effects.

2016, FX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Strain's gory action helps compensate for an unfocused narrative, while the show's political and philosophical subtext add necessary heft for adult viewers.

2015, FX, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Strain makes the most of its familiar themes through an effective mix of supernatural thrills and B-movie gore -- though it may not appeal to everyone.

2014, FX, 13 episodes

Cast & Crew

David Bradley
Professor Abraham Setrakian
Corey Stoll
Dr. Ephraim Goodweather
Kevin Durand
Vasiliy Fet
Richard Sammel
Thomas Eichhorst
Natalie Brown
Kelly Goodweather
Jonathan Hyde
Eldritch Palmer
Miguel Gomez
Augustin "Gus" Elizalde
Max Charles
Zack Goodweather
Ruta Gedmintas
Dutch Velders
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