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Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe, as the U.S. President and his deputy communications director, play politics in this innovative Washington, D.C., drama series from award-winning producers John Wells, Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme.

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Critics Consensus: A contentious race for the White House gives The West Wing narrative focus during a final season that bids a heartfelt farewell to President Bartlet while thoughtfully exploring the dynamics of campaigns.

2005, NBC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2004, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Executive producer John Wells admirably attempts to maintain the spirit of Aaron Sorkin's vision after succeeding him, but The West Wing's fifth season is a sloppy changing of the guard that bears the Bartlet administration's agenda but possesses not of its finesse or flair.

2003, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2002, NBC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: The West Wing still fires off enthralling repartee as if the series' wit was mandated by executive order, but this underwhelming third season finds the series' idealism curdling into a smug self-satisfaction that can't seem to stop wondering why real politics can't be as simple as they are in the fantasy world Aaron Sorkin has crafted.

2001, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: President Bartlet is tested by his biggest scandal yet, but The West Wing's approval ratings are way up in a second season that is teeming with dramas on a national scale and burning with an idealistic fervor that will have viewers cheering.

2000, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: The West Wing is a gripping fantasy of lawmakers and government operatives looking to make a difference, presenting an idealized vision of politicking that audiences can strive toward.

1999, NBC, 22 episodes


Martin Sheen
as President Josiah `Jed' Bartlet
John Spencer
as Leo McGarry
Steve Ryan
as Secretary of Defense Miles Hutchison
Rob Lowe
as Sam Seaborn
Richard Schiff
as Toby Ziegler
Allison Janney
as C.J. Cregg
Stockard Channing
as First Lady Abigail Bartlet
Janel Moloney
as Donna Moss
Dulé Hill
as Charlie Young
Kathryn Joosten
as Delores Landingham
Tim Matheson
as John Hoynes
Moira Kelly
as Madeline Hampton
Joshua Malina
as Will Bailey
Lily Tomlin
as Debbie Fiderer
Emily Procter
as Ainsley Hayes
Mary McCormack
as Kate Harper
Kristin Chenoweth
as Annabeth Schott
Jimmy Smits
as Rep. Matthew Santos
Alan Alda
as Sen. Arnold Vinick
Elisabeth Moss
as Zoey Bartlet
John Amos
as Admiral Fitzwallace
Gary Cole
as Vice President Russell
Janeane Garofalo
as Louise Thornton
Anna Deavere Smith
as Nancy McNally
Ron Silver
as Bruno Gianelli
Marlee Matlin
as Joey Lucas
Teri Polo
as Helen Santos
Terry McCrea
as FBI Sharpshooter
Kathleen York
as Andrea Wyatt
Jesse Bradford
as Ryan Pierce
Oliver Platt
as Oliver Babish
Steven Culp
as Speaker Haffley
Nina Siemaszko
as Ellie Bartlet
Mark Feuerstein
as Cliff Calley
Terry O'Quinn
as General Alexander
Randolph Brooks
as Reporter No. 2
Clark Gregg
as Agent Mike Casper
Donald Moffat
as Talmidge Cregg
Sam Robards
as Greg Brock
Danica McKellar
as Elsie Snuffin
Joanna Gleason
as Jordon Kendall
Roger Rees
as Lord John Marbury
Michael O'Neill
as Butterfield
Mark Harmon
as Simon Donovan
Stephen Root
as Bob Mayer
Adam Arkin
as Dr. Stanley Keyworth
Jorja Fox
as Agent Gina Tuscano
Ivan Allen
as Newscaster
Annabeth Gish
as Elizabeth Bartlet Westin
John Goodman
as Glenallen Westin
Michael Hyatt
as Angela Blake
Verna Bloom
as Molly Cregg
Ron Canada
as Theodore Montgomery
Matthew Perry
as Joe Quincy
Steven Eckholdt
as Doug Westin
Jay Mohr
as Taylor Reid
Ryan Cutrona
as CIA Director
Tom Everett
as Charles Frost
Connie Britton
as Connie Tate
George Coe
as Senator Stackhouse
Thom Barry
as Mark Richardson
Matthew Modine
as Marco Arlens
James Brolin
as Governor Ritchie
Christian Slater
as Cdr. Jack Reese
Brett Cullen
as Gov. Ray Sullivan
Jason Isaacs
as Colin Ayres
Brian Kerwin
as Ben Dryer
Evan Handler
as Doug Wegland
Corbin Bernsen
as Rep. Shallick
Armin Mueller-Stahl
as Israeli Prime Minister
Trent Ford
as Jean Paul
Peter Scolari
as Jake Kimball
Penny Griego
as Anchor No. 2
Ed O'Neill
as Gov. Eric Baker
Hal Holbrook
as Albie Duncan
Terry Beaver
as Dr. Voight
Paul Provenza
as Steve Onorato
F. William Parker
as Rev. Al Caldwell (guest)
James Handy
as Congressman Bruno
Rick Cramer
as Officer
Milo O'Shea
as Cheif Justice Roy Ashland
Michael Kagan
as FBI Director Arnold
Ted McGinley
as Mark Gottfried
Joyce Guy
as Charlayne
Sara Botsford
as Jenny McGarry
Bradley James
as Secret Service Agent
Bradley James
as Secret Service Agent
Richard Riehle
as Jack Sloan
John P. Connolly
as Matt Kelly
Richard Saxton
as TV Anchor
Steven Pierce
as OMB Director
Mary Kay Place
as Dr. Millicent Griffith
Jay Underwood
as Christopher Wick
Deborah Hedwall
as Josephine McGarry
James Denton
as Tom Jordan
Ed Begley Jr.
as Sen. Seth Gillette
Albie Selznick
as Todd Schumaker
Jolie Jenkins
as Stephanie Gault
James Hong
as Chinese Ambassador
Mary Mara
as Sherri Wexler
Sam Lloyd
as Robert Engler
Gregory Jbara
as Congressman Segal
Laura Dern
as Tabatha Fortis
James Cromwell
as D. Wire Newman
Roma Maffia
as Off. Rhonda Sachs
Josef Sommer
as Senator Gaines
Michael McGuire
as Cal Tillinghouse
Al Fann
as Joe Willis
Charlotte Cornwell
as Nadia Kozlowski
Henry O
as Jhin Wei
Shannon Marshall
as Randy Weathers
Ralph Mayering Jr.
as Civilian No. 2
John Larroquette
as Lionel Tribbey
Rebecca Creskoff
as Sarah Jordan
Cara DeLizia
as Winifred Hooper
Jason Widener
as Jed Barlet (age 17)
Traylor Howard
as Lisa Sherborne
Kate Burton
as Senator Brainerd
Joe Egender
as Santos Volunteer
Ariono Suriawinata
as President of Indonesia
Sam Anderson
as John La Salle
Nicholas Pryor
as Clem Rollins
Maree Cheatham
as Governor Wade
Gabrielle Union
as Meeshell Anders
Ruben Santiago-Hudson
as Captain Morris Tolliver M.D. (guest)
Jacqueline Kim
as Emily Lowenbrau
Charley Lang
as Paul Skinner
Kevin Tighe
as Jack Buckland
Victor McCay
as Dandridge
Fred Ornstein
as Rep. Wade
Rebecca Avery
as TV Anchor
Rebecca Avery
as TV Anchor
David Katz
as Staffer
Ned Schmidtke
as Industry Leader
Paul Austin
as George Hufnagle
Karl Malden
as Father Thomas Cavanaugh
Ken Howard
as Harrison
Alanna Ubach
as Celia Watson
Tom Skerritt
as Senator Carrick
Nick Searcy
as Representative Singer
Cherry Jones
as Rep. Barbara Layton
Bob Balaban
as Ted Marcus
Al Frann
as Joe Willis
Mioguel Sandoval
as Victor Campos
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Kenneth O'Neal
CCH Pounder
as Debbie O'Leary
Dakin Matthews
as Simon Blye
Tom Bower
as Gen. Ed Barrie
Robert Knepper
as Morgan Ross
Hector Elizondo
as Dr. Millgate
Svetlana Efremova
as Svetlana Koss
James Keane
as Registrar
Melinda McGraw
as Jane Braun
Richard Penn
as Blakely
Michael Nouri
as Senator Turner
David St. James
as Rep. Gibson
Penny Grieco
as TV Anchor
Ashlyn Sanchez
as Miranda Santos
Kris Iyer
as Dr. Salmi
Brent Huff
as Agent Broder
John Diehl
as Claypool
Annie Corley
as Mary Marsh
Jordan Baker
as Dr. Sayles
Alfonso Freeman
as Jeffrey MacKintosh
Christina Chang
as Alex Moreau
Jay Brazeau
as Mackey Lowell
Miriam Shor
as Christine
Gary Coles
as Robert `Bingo' Russell
Christopher Lloyd
as Prof. Lawrence Lessig
Tom Quinn
as John Noonan
Peter Kors
as Bambang
Daniel Roebuck
as Lt. Buckley
Robin Thomas
as Senator Enlow
Ian McShane
as Nickolai
Carmen Argenziano
as Leonard Wallace
Patrick Breen
as Kevin Kahn
Dinah Lenney
as Mary Klein
Michael O'Keefe
as Will Sawyer
Glenn Close
as Evelyn Baker Lang
as Yosh Takahashi
Kevin Hare
as Chicken Bob
Don S. Davis
as Rev. Pat Butler
Charlotte Colavin
as Sheila Fields
Austin Pendleton
as Barry Haskell
Jerry Lambert
as Chuck Kane
Tom Porter
as Officer
Joaquim de Almeida
as Carlos Carrio
Brian Dennehy
as Sen. Rafe Framhagen
Joshua Cabrera
as Peter Santos
Eric Balfour
as Frat No. 1
Carl Lumbly
as Jeff Breckenridge
David Proval
as Rabbi Glassman
Nadia Dajani
as Lilli Mays
Brent Hinkley
as Professor Hike
Franc Ross
as Sonny Sanunders
Gerald McRaney
as General Adamley
Michael Gaston
as Eric Hayden
William Devane
as Secretary of State Berryhill
Reed Diamond
as Dr. Gordon
Ben Murray
as Curtis
Jonah Rooney
as Morton Horn
Nancy Cassario
as Janet Price
Lauren Stamile
as Layla Cham
Mel Harris
as Sen. Rafferty
Michele Marsh
as Economist
Robert Walden
as Sen. Rossiter
Tim Kelleher
as Dylan Clark
Maz Jobrani
as Prince Bitar
Blake Shields
as Frat No. 2
Al Rodrigo
as Commander Cale
Bob Glouberman
as Terry Beckwith
Elisabeth Rosen
as Diane Halley
Mark Moses
as Rep. Donald Richter
Joe Ochman
as News Director
Basil Wallace
as McKonnen Loboko
Omar Benson Miller
as Orlando Webber
Darren Robertson
as Congressional Staffer
Mannuel Urrego
as Civil Man
Jay Leno
as Himself
David Brisbin
as Congressman No. 1
Amy Aquino
as Becky Reeseman
Ted Garcia
as Newscaster
William Fichtner
as Christopher Mulready
Penn Jillette
as Penn Jillette
Castulo Guerra
as Gil Garcia
Linda Gehringer
as Mrs. Lydell
Steven Flynn
as Brookline
Rocky Carroll
as Corey Sykes
Jesse Corti
as Dave Stewart
Bryan Callen
as Louis Slater
Ron Dean
as Tom Broderick
Jamison Yang
as Agent Lee
Mary-Pat Green
as Vermont Congressman
as Teller
Richard Hoyt-Miller
as Air Force One Steward
Steven Gilborn
as Rep.Dearborn
Tracey Costello
as Agent Moody
Margot Rose
as Portia Colgrave
Michelle Courtney
as Lisa Stanhower
Andy Buckley (II)
as Congressman No. 2
Ray Baker
as Mr. Lydell
Evgeniy Lazarev
as Vasily Konanov
David Andriole
as Ralph Fairfax
Justin Urich
as Frat No. 3
Bill Cobbs
as Mr. Tatum
James Eckhouse
as Bud Wachtel
Matthew Glave
as Scott Holcomb
Gabe Cohen
as Studio Director
David Huddleston
as Sen. Lobell
Claire Yarlett
as Dr. Jenna Jacobs
Lee Garlington
as Alana Waterman
Dylan Baker
as Alan Fisk
Matthew Yang King
as Chinese Staffer
Steven Anderson
as FEMA Director
Timothy Dale Agee
as Steward No. 2
James Hornbeck
as Bedrosian
Mark Joe Packer
as Technician
Scott Macdonald
as Cyrus Yolander
Pat Falls
as Steward
Carlos Gomez
as Admiral McGill
Kenneth Kimmins
as Gen. Stanley
Yo-Yo Ma
as Himself
Doug Ballard
as Gov. Pratt
Beau Billingslea
as Agent Velasquez
Stephen Lee
as Mall Guy
Bellamy Young
as Marylou Meriwether
Nathan Brooks Burgess
as Junior Arkansas
J.F. Davis
as Bartender
Alex Fernandez
as Andy Lazon
Alberto Isaac
as Tada Sumatra
Joan Armatrading
as Joan Armatrading
H.M. Winant
as Senator Starkey
Kathrin Lautner
as Diane Mathers
Paul Jenkins
as Martin Sheffield
Andy Brewster
as Isobel's Assistat
Tim Williams
as Reporter
Todd Waring
as Rep. Rathburn
John Lafayette
as Dr. Lewis Foy
Jerry Levitan
as TV Producer
Tom Chick
as Gordon
Wendy Haines
as Abbey's Agent
Megan Cavanagh
as Woman No. 1
Henry G. Sanders
as Ambassador Tiki
Michael Krepack
as Gus Westin
Paul Mendoza
as Representative Ramirez
Wesley Harris
as Moderator
Kaarina Aufranc
as Beautiful Woman
Allan Kerwin
as Steven Thomas
Robert Picardo
as Bradford Shelton
Christopher Maher
as Iranian Ambassador
Ray Wise
as Gov. Gabe Tillman
Allen Garfield
as Roger Becker
Ivar Brogger
as Aide No. 1
Mark D. Hutter
as Rep. Erickson
Claire Coffee
as Cassie Tatum
P.J. Byrne
as David Orbitz
Judy Jean Berns
as Betty Moss
Ann Ducati
as Maya Zahavy
Eric A. Payne
as Agent at Door
Dave Hager
as Faragut
Robert Arce
as Senator Adair
Chris Gardner
as First Guest
Kent Shockneck
as Anchorman
Kevin West
as Randy Wysniewsky
Diana Douglas
as Libby Lassiter
Robert Curtis Brown
as Jamie Hotchkiss
Wil Hall
as Other Guest
Mitchell Ryan
as Sen. Roland Pierce
Jack Shearer
as Engineer
Amy Turner
as Waitress
Don Chastain
as Reporter No. 2
Lee Oliver Boyd
as Cable Anchor
Ann Marie Howard
as Christine Korb
Eli Danker
as Gidon Mazar
Cameron Daddo
as Aide No. 2
Ayre Gross
as Dr. Glazer
John Cathran Jr.
as Civilian No. 1
Pamela Salem
as Prime Minister Graty
Jody Wood
as Cameron
Ruben Garfias
as Rep. Freddy Cabrera
Marcelo Tubert
as Saeb Mukaret
Karen Lockhart
as Staffer at OEOB
Rich Cooper
as Aide No. 3
S.E. Perry
as Marine General
Dev Johnson
as Raven One
Susan Ziegler
as Local Reporter
Greg Baker
as Interviewer
Obi Ndefo
as Donald
Pat Gebhard
as Grand Rapids Pollster
Bob Bayliss
as Johnson
Damien Leake
as Dr. Tatum
John Prosky
as Aide No. 4
Edmund L. Shaff
as Bill Horton
Alan Toy
as Franklin
John O'Brien
as Reporter
Marc Goldsmith
as Staff Aide No. 1
Alex Hyde-White
as Andre's Accoster
Charles Howerton
as Actor President
Livia Trevino
as Reporter
John Antonini
as Jamie Reed
Ken Strunk
as Republican Congressman
Diana Morgan
as Reporter
Matt Huhn
as Raven Co-pilot
John J. Dalesandro
as Secret Service Agent
David Bickford
as NASA Official
Brett Barrett
as Volunteer
Shana O'Neil
as Protester No. 1
David Castellani
as On-Site Reporter
Philip Baker Hall
as Sen. Matt Hunt
Frank Ashmore
as Rep. Chris Finn
Jonathan Goldstein
as Knocking Congressman
Jodie Hanson
as Caprice
Kevin Fry
as Staff Aide No. 2
Judy Schown
as Rep. Wakefield
Michael Cunio
as Adamley's Aide
Rick Najera
as Izzy Perez
Sarah Benoit
as Senator Lindsay
Kimberly Bigsby
as Molly O'Connor
Brooke Bauer
as Bradenton Pollster
Ginger Justin
as Swiss Diplomat
Greta Sesheta
as Congresswoman
Devin Michaels
as Randal Fierstin
Tim Lounibos
as Dr. Leahy
Claudia Lynx
as Miss Universe
Michael Tomlinson
as Congressman
Tony Pasqualini
as Representative Jaffe
Free Brooks
as Protester No. 2
Paige Orr
as Karen
Charles C. Stevenson Jr.
as Bradenton Pollster
Richard Hilton
as Convention Secretary
Eric Cazenave
as Reporter
Sharon Omi
as Gardner
Kellyn Jones
as On-Site Reporter
Dat Phan
as NVA Officer
Mandy Freund
as Hoynes Assistant
Mitch Gibney
as Talking Head
Brent Schraff
as Kid in the Back
Michael Charles Vaccaro
as Protester No. 3
Kevin Symons
as FBI Press Rep
Carol Avery
as Maryland Congressman
Marcy Goldman
as Reporter
Brandon Noll
as Staffer
Tang Nguyen
as NVA Officer
Christine Lusita
as HR Assistant
Shannon O'Hurley
as Susan Wertz
Novella Nelson
as Gail Fitzwallace
Sean Anthony Moran
as Dr. Holbrook
Steve Tom
as General
Trent Trail
as Lawrence
Derek Coleman
as Secret Service
Bruce Norris
as Seantor Avery
Billy Mayo
as Secret Service Agent
Cheryl Carter
as Younger Congresswoman
Christopher Michael
as Floor Manager
Mara Casey
as Lauren
Will MacMillan
as Davis Adams
Shirley Jordan
as FBI Receptionist
Howard Mann
as Senior Citizen
James Ingersoll
as Cable News Pundit
Don Fischer
as Major Castorp
James Kiriyama Lem
as Industry Leader
Dan Sachoff
as Reporter
Vincent Guastaferro
as Ernie Gambelli
Joe Cosgrove
as Cardinal
Roger Hampton
as Floor Manager
Michael Mack
as Secret Service Agent Randy
Harrison Young
as Senator Grissom
Christopher Murray
as Tony Phillips
Don Priester
as Secret Service Agent
James Lashly
as Canadian Ambassador
Paul Webster
as TV Pundit
Leesa Severyn
as AFT Anchor
Tim Haldeman
as Barnett
Mitchell Edmonds
as Bishop Campbell
Lionel D. Carson
as Security Guard
Bruce Kirby
as Barney Lang
Harper Roisman
as Herb Morris
Anneliza Scott
as Second Nurse
Lynette Romero
as Anaheim Anchor No. 2
Gia Cross
as Girl No. 1
Annie Morgan
as Vinick Staffer
Kate Palmer
as Assistant
Greg Wrangler
as Secret Service Agent
Ron Harper
as Chairman
Sid Conrad
as Ed Ramsay
Brian Cataland
as USS Cowpens Officer
Mark L. Taylor
as Chairman Rorsche
Alex Paez
as David
Ashley Benson
as Girl No. 2
Bill Erwin
as Ronald Kruickshank
Dilva Henry
as Newsanchor
Angelo Tiffe
as Greenway
William J. Jones
as Secret Service Agent
Pete Leal
as Steward
Jack Choy
as Civilian
Don R. McManus
as Greg Summerhays
Matt McKenzie
as TV Speaker
Pete Postiglione
as Secret Service Agent
Petrea Burchard
as California Delegation Chief
Chris Ellis
as Rep. Tim Fields
Mindy Thomas
as Anchor No. 4
Nancy Linari
as TV Speaker
Jill Remez
as Reporter No. 4
John Getz
as Rep. Mark Sellner
Ken Lerner
as Rep. Jim Marino
Tony Amendola
as Ali Nisser
Lois Foraker
as Bartender
John Aniston
as Debate Moderator
Earl Boen
as Paulson
Scott Facher
as Stage Manager
Kirk Kinder
as One-Star General
Amy Parks
as Tammy
Stacy Reed
as Girl in Bar
Dayna Devon
as Air Force One Reporter
J.P. Stevenson
as Air Force One Reporter
Tim Van Pelt
as Congressman
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