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The West Wing Season 6

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From his office in the White House, President Josiah Bartlet (series star MARTIN SHEEN) leads the most powerful nation on earth. Directly descended from one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, New Hampshire Democrat Bartlet exudes a country-lawyer charisma that complements his brilliance, his deep conviction and his devotion to what he believes is right for the country. A brilliant academician in her own right, first lady Dr. Abigail "Abbey" Bartlet (series star STOCKARD CHANNING) staunchly supports her husband but does not hesitate to keep him in line when necessary.As always, professorial Chief of Staff Leo McGarry (series star JOHN SPENCER) resolutely serves as Bartlet's political and emotional right hand, while Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman (series star BRADLEY WHITFORD) keeps his highly regarded political mind in overdrive. Donna Moss (series star JANEL MOLONEY), Josh's capable assistant, more than holds her own in their friendly verbal sparring.Despite the constant media scrutiny in the briefing room, Press Secretary C.J. Cregg (series star ALLISON JANNEY) remains cool and competent.

Cast & Crew

Martin Sheen
President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
Stockard Channing
Abigail "Abbey" Bartlet
John Spencer
Chief of Staff Leo McGarry
Bradley Whitford
Dep. Chief of Staff Josh Lyman
Allison Janney
Press Secretary Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg
Richard Schiff
Communications Dir. Toby Ziegler
Dulé Hill
Charlie Young
Joshua Malina
Will Bailey
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Israeli Prime Minister Efraim "Eli" Zahavy
Lily Tomlin
Deborah Fiderer
Terry O'Quinn
General Nicholas Alexander
Jason Isaacs
Colin Ayres
Natalia Nogulich
Israeli Ambassador Shira Galit
Eli Danker
Israeli Defense Minister Doran Mazar
Marcelo Tubert
Palestinian Prime Minister Saeb Mukarat
Ann Ducati
Maya Zahavy
Steven Culp
Speaker of the House Jeff Haffley
John Wells
Executive Producer
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