The Detail
The Wire Season 1

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Detective "Bunk" Moreland (Wendell Pierce) gets a new homicide case, and the victim turns out to be the witness in the D'Angelo Barksdale (Larry Gilliard Jr.) murder case. McNulty (Dominic West) tells the judge (Peter Gerety) about it, hoping he'll get the department to devote more resources to their investigation. Daniels (Lance Reddick) wants to do the investigation right, but Deputy Commissioner Burrell (Frankie R. Faison) just wants it done quickly. Daniels does manage to get more men, but they're castoffs from other departments, including a trigger-happy screw-up, Prez. While Bunk and McNulty pick up D'Angelo for questioning in the murder case, Greggs (Sonja Sohn) uses her informant, Bubbles (Andre Royo), to get photos of the leaders of the Barksdale crew. McNulty and Bunk convince the remorseful D'Angelo, who wasn't directly involved in the murder, to write an apology to the murder victim's family (who are an invention of the cops). But D'Angelo's lawyer shows up and puts a stop to things, and later, his cousin, Avon (Wood Harris), warns D'Angelo not to worry about the murder. That night, Carver (Seth Gilliam), Herc (Dominick Lombardozzi), and the new guy, Prez, drunkenly decide to go down to Franklin Terrace and stir things up. Things get ugly quickly at the high-rise housing project, and the cops end up seriously injuring a teenager and ducking for cover as bottles, television sets, and other junk is hurled down on them from the apartments above. The next morning, McNulty picks up the paper to find a headline about the witness being murdered. He tries to tell Daniels that he had nothing to do with it, but Daniels has bigger worries on his mind.

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