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The Gifted (2017 - )

The Gifted (2017 - )





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A suburban couple's lives are rocked by the discovery that their children possess mutant powers, forcing the family to go on the lam from a hostile government and seek help from an underground network of mutants.
Creator: Matt Nix

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Critics Consensus: The Gifted's first season lays a solid foundation for an involving superhero drama that powers past the origin-story doldrums by focusing on grounded, topical stories over mindless action and special effects.

2017, FOX, 13 episodes


Stephen Moyer
as Reed Strucker
Amy Acker
as Caitlin Strucker
Sean Teale
as Eclipse / Marcos Diaz
Jamie Chung
as Blink / Clarice Fong
Coby Bell
as Jace Turner
Emma Dumont
as Polaris / Lorna Dane
Blair Redford
as Thunderbird / John Proudstar
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Lauren Strucker
Percy Hynes White
as Andy Strucker
Elena Satine
as Dreamer
Garret Dillahunt
as Dr. Roderick Campbell
Joe Nemmers
as Agent Weeks
Frances Turner
as Paula Turner
Joe Nenners
as Agent Ed Weeks
Ptolemy Slocum
as Ted Laird
Matthew Tompkins
as D.A. Cal Jones
Sharon Gless
as Ellen Strucker
Garrett Dillahunt
as Dr. Roderick Campbell
Paul Cooper
as Andreas Von Strucker
Frieda Toroman
as Young Ellen Strucker
Erin Way
as Sheila
Caitlin Mehner
as Andrea Von Strucker
Jaxon Rose Moore
as Grace Turner
Adam Boyer
as Trask Security Guard
Dayna Beilenson
as Pedestrian No. 1
Chris Butler
as Dr. Watkins
David Noroña
as Senator Montez
Ryan Czerwonko
as Angry-Looking Man
Christine Dunford
as DOJ Official
Ray Campbell
as William
Michael Senior
as Substation Guard
Ilan Srulovicz
as Interpol Officer
Kate MacCallum
as Inertia Hound
Tess Malis Kincaid
as Campaign Manager
Courtney Dietz
as Angry Girl Mutant
Eric Hunter
as Mutant Amputee
Vanessa Aranegui
as SS Tech #2
Michael Milligan
as Gravity Hound
Will Jones
as Cop #1
Gabriel Manak
as Lab Tech
Bobby Hernandez
as Cartel Soldier #1
Aden Stay
as Man From Truck
Dawson Towery
as SS Agent #1
Adam Horwitz
as Cartel Soldier #2
Elliot Grey
as Director Wolcott
Renes Rivera
as Hulking Mutant
Michelle Kim
as Chloe Tan ("Vicious")
Marco Schittone
as Young Boy
Raymond J. Barry
as Otto Strucker
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