The Golden Girls (1985 - 1992)

The Golden Girls

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Four mature single women share a house in Miami in a long-running ensemble sitcom that's enjoyed a resurgent popularity among younger viewers since repeats began airing on Lifetime. A two-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, the smart Susan Harris-created sitcom dealt wittily (and often movingly) with aspects of friendship and aging, and earned awards for all four of its principal actresses.

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1991, NBC, 27 episodes

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1990, NBC, 26 episodes

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1989, NBC, 26 episodes

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1988, NBC, 26 episodes

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1987, NBC, 25 episodes

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1986, NBC, 26 episodes

Critics Consensus: Worth its weight in laughs, The Golden Girls' first season brings together an outrageously talented cast of television veterans and a raunchy sensibility that proves youth needn't be wasted on the young.

1985, NBC, 25 episodes


Bea Arthur
as Dorothy Zbornak
Betty White
as Rose Nylund
Rue McClanahan
as Blanche Devereaux
Estelle Getty
as Sophia Petrillo
Herb Edelman
as Stan Zbornak
Sid Melton
as Salvadore
Lyn Greene
as Young Dorothy
Scott Jacoby
as Michael
James Staley
as Dean Tucker
John McMartin
as Frank Leahy
Earl Boen
as Father Salerno
Don Mirault
as Instructor
Philip Sterling
as Dr. Barensfeld
Keone Young
as Dr. Chang
Beth Grant
as Terry Franco
Terry Wills
as Plumber
Ralph Ahn
as Jim Shu
Tim Stack
as Agent Bell
Brad Trumbull
as Maitre d'
Nat Bernstein
as Dr. Wallerstein
Raye Birk
as Caterer
Elvia Allman
as Stewardess
Alfred Dennis
as Music Coach
Ron Orbach
as Administrator
Matt McCoy
as Rev. Avery
Michele Pawk
as Mary Ellen
Ken Lerner
as Doctor
Richard Tanner
as Young Stan
John Hostetter
as Policeman
Ronald Hunter
as Dr. Rose
Sharon Spelman
as Dr. Webber
Milo O'Shea
as Buddy Roarke
Monty Ash
as Murray Guttman
Don Maxwell
as Fire Chief
Jeffrey Tambor
as Dr. Stevens
Kathleen Freeman
as Mother Superior
Tom Nibley
as Librarian
Ed Call
as Security Guard
Bill Erwin
as Mr. Hubbard
Shirley Prestia
as Mme. Zelda
David Wayne
as Big Daddy
Joseph Whipp
as Dr. Taylor
Paula Kelly
as Marguerite
Sarah Partridge
as Secretary
Lonny Price
as Hastings
Ben Rawnsley
as Dr. Jerry
Tony Steedman
as DeKimmel
Tom Simmons
as Security Guard
Scott Bryce
as Dr. Warrem
Peggy Rea
as Mrs. Contini
Tony Plana
as Lt. Alvarez
Edie McClurg
as Nurse Defarge
Lane Davies
as DA Peterson
Ralph Manza
as Augustine
Thom Sharp
as Pfeiffer
Randy Bennett
as Stationmaster
John Braden
as Sam Burns
Parley Baer
as Chester T. McRainey
Roy Brockman
as Demolitions Man
Fred McCarren
as Detective
Biff Yeager
as Bellboy
Tom Tarpey
as Dr. Seymour
Colin Hamilton
as Auctioneer
Doug Cox
as Father
Phil Rubenstein
as Exterminator
Darwyn Carson
as First Reporter
Lela Ivy
as Sister Claire
Jane Dulo
as Myrtle
Vince Cannon
as Dr. Parks
Brett Porter
as Winston
Rosanna Huffman
as Stephanie
Dion Anderson
as Mr. Percy
Gloria Dorson
as Mrs. Ward
Doug Ballard
as Officer
Robert Picardo
as Dr. Revell
Peggy Pope
as Gladys
Barney McGeary
as Father Callahan
William Denis
as Dr. Cauley
William E. Green
as Saxophone Player
Nancy Black
as Heather
John DiSanti
as Fisherman
David Correia
as Hernandez
Frank Hamilton
as Father O'Mara
Lou Felder
as First Bidder
Camila Ashland
as Mrs. Hubbard
Bill Quinn
as Priest
Kelly Andrus
as Tiffany
Pat McCormick
as Drug-Store Clerk
Mimi Cozzens
as Lillian
Kat Sawyer-Young
as Woman in Hospital
Bill Cort
as Frank
Don Stark
as Sheriff
John O'Leary
as Ninervini
Starr Andreeff
as Priscilla
Alan Koss
as Ernie
June Claman
as Auxiliary President
Bibi Besch
as Mrs. Budd
Nicholas Kepros
as Maitre d'
Bob Dishy
as Mister Terrific
Charles L. Brame
as Abe Lincoln
David Doty
as Police Officer
Gregory White
as Bartender
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