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Critic Consensus: Though overshadowed by its superior source material, the US version of The Returned retains enough of the creep factor and character drama to appease fans of the genre.


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This American adaptation of the French program "Les Revenants" centers on a small town that is shocked to find deceased citizens coming back to life with no recollection of their deaths. The phenomena starts with the Winship family, who find that their daughter Camille (India Ennenga), previously killed four years earlier in a bus accident, returns home unharmed and believes it is the same day as her accident. Elsewhere, Simon Moran (Mat Vairo) returns from his death and searches for his fiancé Rowan (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), while Helen Goddard (Michelle Forbes) finds herself back in her husband's apartment 30 years after her death. The season follows the characters and their families as they cope with the mysterious occurrences. However such incidents also bring convicted killers back to life, putting the residents in grave danger.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead
as Rowan Blackshaw
Jeremy Sisto
as Peter Lattimore
India Ennenga
as Camille Winship
Tandi Wright
as Claire Winship
Mark Pelligrino
as Jack Winship
Sophie Lowe
as Lena Winship
Sandrine Holt
as Julie Han
Agnes Bruckner
as Nikki Banks
Kevin Alejandro
as Tommy Solano
Mat Vairo
as Simon Moran
Michelle Forbes
as Helen Goddard
Aaron Douglas
as Tony Darrow
Leah Gibson
as Lucy McCabe
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Naturally, there's a big twist that sends these happy endings spinning out of control.

October 18, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

This version has a brisker pace than the fine French original, though it wouldn't be called action-packed. With its ominous and dark undertone, call it cerebral sci-fi.

October 18, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

It needs either to be more eerie and otherworldly or to address the social and psychological consequences of its premise squarely. As is, it isn't sufficiently dead or alive.

March 6, 2015 | Full Review…

The American version of The Returned is well on its way to being every bit as good as the French original. It may even improve on certain aspects of the show, we'll have to wait and see.

March 9, 2015 | Full Review…

It's not quite as atmospheric or accomplished as the original, but it's way closer than I expected it to be, anchored by strong performances throughout and an understanding of what worked about the original.

March 9, 2015 | Full Review…

Carlton Cuse and Raelle Tucker's series is cold and banal because it tries too hard to duplicate the original without capturing the essence of what made the story so compelling.

March 9, 2015 | Full Review…

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Today there are more networks and streaming services offering original programming than ever before. It is an amazing time for TV lovers and it seems that anyone can get pretty much anything on the air. With all these new shows debuting all over the place, this does unfortunately leave the networks at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to original ideas. Out of desperation, many networks have turned to re-booting old shows, bringing back cancelled ideas that didin't work, and even Americanizing overseas television shows, The Returned is an example of the later. I understand why A&E chose to take a show from overseas, Americanize it, and market it as their next big hit, but why the Returned? This idea has been done to death, both in movies and on TV, and while the show is critically acclaimed, the ratings for the overseas version were terrible, the show was cancelled after it's second season. If no one is watching it over there, why did they think anyone would watch it over here? The returned takes place in a small Northwestern town, where one day, out of the blue, people who have been dead, some for decades, start showing up back at home with no memory of being gone at all. Each episode is broken up into sections that follow specific individuals and their interactions with their loved ones and society. There is also of course the police and investigative angle to the whole thing, and an unsolved crime thrown into the mix, in order to try and keep viewers coming back each week. Funny thing is, I wasn't all that crazy about this episode of the Twilight Zone. It was a little better when The X-Files did it. The 4400 added beings from the future and turned it into a series that quickly ran out of storyline and fizzled out, and now we have The Returned. This isn't an original idea, far from it, and the fact that it takes place in the same location as the 4400 is completely laughable. The cast has a few standouts that made the show a bit less tiresome, Mark Pellegrino is always fun to watch, as you never can figure out if he's a good guy or a bad one. We're also introduced to a new young actor in the form of Dylan Kingwell. He doesn't say much, but his character is honestly one of the most fascinating mysteries of the whole show. The bottom line is that this show is a complete rip off of other ideas and there is really very little here to keep the viewers interested. The boys story turned out to be really cool, The murder investigation was interesting but under utilized, and there were a few cast members I enjoyed. Otherwise the writing was terrible and parts of this show were just painfully slow. There are some terrific overseas shows that no one has even mentioned bringing over here, why they chose this one, I'll never know.


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