Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
The Simpsons Season 10

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After his class takes a field trip to the Post Office, Bart Simpson (voice of Nancy Cartwright) gets to take home once piece of undeliverable mail as a souvenir, and he's given a coupon booklet, which his father Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) embraces with no small enthusiasm. While at an auto repair shop for a free wheel balancing, Homer is talked into buying four new tires, and while they're being installed, he chats with fellow customer Wally Kogen (voice of Fred Willard). Wally runs a travel agency, and is organizing a charter trip to the upcoming Super Bowl. Wally offers Homer a free trip in exchange for help rounding up customers, and he enthusiastically agrees. However, once the busload of Springfield's biggest football fans arrives at the stadium for the big game, they discovers their tickets are phonies ("The hologram's missing, and there's no such team as the Spungos, and finally these seem to be printed on some sort of cracker"), and now the guys have to come up with a way to sneak into the biggest professional sporting event of the year. Meanwhile at home, Marge (voice of Julie Kavner) and Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) pass the time with a craft kit they got as a present years ago, "Vincent Price's Egg Magic," which leads to a curious telephone encounter with the late actor. "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" features voice cameos from football stars Troy Aikman, Rosey Grier and Dan Marino, sportscasters John Madden and Pat Summerall, Fox Network mogul Rupert Murdoch, and country music legend Dolly Parton.


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