He's Alive


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The leader of a ragtag American neo-Nazi organization, Peter Vollmer (Dennis Hopper) is unable to attract many followers beyond his own buddies. Despairing, Peter is willing to accept advice from anyone -- even the mysterious, German-accented stranger (Curt Conway) who has seemingly emerged from nowhere. The payoff of this Rod Serling-scripted Twilight Zone episode is obvious from the get-go; the only true "mystery" is the fact that fascistic Peter Vollmer regards as his best friend a Jewish concentration-camp survivor (Ludwig Donath). Future director Paul Mazursky appears as one of the brown-shirted hooligans. Despite its many structural flaws and lapses of logic, "He's Alive" was powerful enough to elicit strong audience response (both pro and con) when it was first telecast January 24, 1963.


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