Me and the Devil


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Lafayette goes to Mexico with Jesus to witness the power of a shaman; Bill becomes personally involved with the necromancy problem; Arlene and Terry hope religion can resolve a family issue; Sam teams up with Tommy.


Anna Paquin
as Sookie Stackhouse
Stephen Moyer
as Bill Compton
Sam Trammell
as Sam Merlotte
Ryan Kwanten
as Jason Stackhouse
Rutina Wesley
as Tara Thornton
Kevin Alejandro
as Jesus Velasquez
Marshall Allman
as Tommy Mickens
Chris Bauer
as Andy Bellefleur
Nelsan Ellis
as Lafayette Reynolds
Todd Lowe
as Terry Bellefleur
Joe Manganiello
as Alcide Herveaux
Jim Parrack
as Hoyt Fortenberry
Carrie Preston
as Arlene Fowler
Jessica Tuck
as Nan Flanagan
Deborah Ann Woll
as Jessica Hamby
Adina Porter
as Lettie Mae
Courtney Ford
as Portia Bellefleur
Gregg L. Daniel
as Rev. Daniels
Dan Buran
as Marcus Bozeman
Del Zamora
as Don Bartolo
Cooper Huckabee
as Joe Lee Mickens
J. Smith-Cameron
as Melinda Mickens
Aaron Perilo
as Blackburn
Poncho Hodges
as Off. Trap
Gabriel Solis
as Young Jesus
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