Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten

Highest Rated: 92% Mystery Road (2013)

Lowest Rated: 4% Reach Me (2014)

Birthday: Nov 28, 1976

Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

An actor who seemed predestined for enlistment as a screen heartthrob, muscle-bound Aussie performer Ryan Kwanten specialized in portrayals of young, well-built, slightly jocky types, including lifeguards, surfers, and athletes. Born in 1976, Kwanten attained Australian celebrity in his early twenties with an ongoing role in the late '90s as lifeguard Vinnie Patterson on the long-running Australian soap Home and Away. That assignment imparted Kwanten with a large and loyal following that found its strongest base among female viewers, and prepped him for one of his first major Hollywood assignments: a lead portrayal of surfer Nick McCallum in the big screen surf drama Liquid Bridge (2003). Beginning the following year, Kwanten turned up as surf shop proprietor Jay Robertson in both seasons of the WB network's Summerland; he also played a widower who comes face-to-face with a small town's ghastly curse in director James Wan's grisly horror outing Dead Silence (2007) and then signed on to play Jason Stackhouse, the brother of a clairvoyant waitress (Anna Paquin) on Alan Ball's HBO vampire series True Blood. He was in Red Hill, and landed the title part in the quirky comedy Griff the Invisible in 2010. The next year he was in the horror comedy Knights of Badassdom.


Highest Rated Movies



17% Supercon Matt Wheeler 2018
No Score Yet No Olho do Furacão Actor 2018
45% The Hurricane Heist Breeze 2018
No Score Yet Blinky Bill på eventyr Blinky Bill 2016
73% Blinky Bill The Movie Blinky Bill 2016
No Score Yet Who Gets the Dog? Clay Lonnergan 2016
8% Rio, I Love You (Rio, Eu Te Amo) Actor 2016
No Score Yet Northmen: A Viking Saga Conall 2015
19% Kidnapping Mr. Heineken Jan "Cat" Boellard 2015
No Score Yet Blunt Force Trauma John 2015
No Score Yet The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma Actor 2015
4% Reach Me Jack Burns 2014
17% The Right Kind of Wrong Leo Palamino $2.5K 2014
67% Knights of Badassdom Joe 2014
No Score Yet Flight 7500 Brad Martin 2014
92% Mystery Road Pete Bailey 2013
88% Not Suitable for Children Jonah 2012
63% Griff the Invisible Griff $21.4K 2011
79% Red Hill Shane Cooper $21.4K 2010
51% Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Kludd $54.5M 2010
No Score Yet Don't Fade Away Jackson White 2010
20% Dead Silence Jamie Ashen $16.6M 2007
53% Flicka Howard McLaughlin $21M 2006
80% America Brown America `Ricky' Brown 2004
No Score Yet Liquid Bridge Nick McCallum 2003
No Score Yet The Junction Boys Claude Gearheart 2002


No Score Yet The Oath
Steve Hammond 2019
70% True Blood
Jason Stackhouse 2019
No Score Yet Last Call With Carson Daly
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Iron Chef America
Judge 2014
No Score Yet The Eric Andre Show
Guest 2014
94% New Girl
Oliver 2012
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2009
20% Summerland
Jay Robertson 2005
42% Tru Calling
Jake 2004
13% Edge
Merritt Harknett
No Score Yet Sacred Lies


Colt says: Are we cop killers?

John says: Just cop wounders.

Jamie Ashen says: Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only dolls.

Jamie Ashen says: What did Michael Ashen and our family have to do with Mary Shaw!?

Jamie Ashen says: Lisa this is NOT FUNNY!

Melody says: What were you like as a kid?

Griff says: Small?

Metal Beak says: You there Soldier What's your name ?

Metal Beak says: You there Soldier What's your name?

Kludd says: [Whispers] Kludd

Kludd says: [Whispers] Kludd.

Metal Beak says: Speak up !

Metal Beak says: Speak up!

Kludd says: Kludd, My name is Kludd

Kludd says: Kludd, My name is Kludd.

Metal Beak says: Weakness is for the lower species do you know why Kludd ?

Kludd says: Because We are Tytos !

Kludd says: Because We are Tytos!

Jamie Ashen says: What do you want me to tell you!

Detective Lipton says: Something less perplexing than a ghost story.

Melody says: I know who you are. You are me, and the opposite of me. You are the question, I am the answer. You are the proton, I am the neutron.

Griff says: You are a magnetic field and I am as light, forever drawn to you.

Griff says: Before I tell you this, you have to commit to a vow of secrecy unlike any other.

Griff says: I'm not who I seem to be.

Griff says: I have powers.