Who Are You, Really?


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The sixth season opens on Bill's messy reincarnation, but no one, including Sookie, Eric or Jessica, knows who or what he is, and they're not anxious to get close enough to find out. Meanwhile, Alcide takes over as pack master and discovers there are certain perks that come with the job; Andy deals with being a new father; the governor of Louisiana declares war on vampires; and Jason hitches a ride with a creepy stranger.


Anna Paquin
as Sookie Stackhouse
Stephen Moyer
as Bill Compton
Sam Trammell
as Sam Merlotte
Ryan Kwanten
as Jason Stackhouse
Rutina Wesley
as Tara Thornton
Chris Bauer
as Andy Bellefleur
Nelsan Ellis
as Lafayette Reynolds
Arliss Howard
as Gov. Truman Burrell
Todd Lowe
as Terry Bellefleur
Joe Manganiello
as Alcide Herveaux
Michael McMillian
as Steve Newlin
Jessica Tuck
as Nan Flanagan
Robert Patrick
as Jackson Herveaux
Kevin Alejandro
as Gov. Truman Burrell
Marshall Allman
as Alcide Herveaux
Carrie Preston
as Arlene Fowler
Deborah Ann Woll
as Jessica Hamby
Dale Dickey
as Martha Bozeman
Tamlyn Tomita
as Ms. Suzuki
David Wright
as Authority Gate Guard
Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
as Corbett Stackhouse
Jenni Blong
as Michelle Stackhouse
Christina Scherer
as Occupy Girl
Chanon Finley
as Siren #1
Jodie Smith
as Siren #2
Chloe Holmes
as Siren #3
Rico McClinton
as LAVTF Task Force Leader
Ezra Masters
as Authority Guard #1
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