Turn: Washington's Spies: Season 3 (2016)


Season 3
Turn: Washington's Spies

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Air date: Apr 25, 2016

In the third-season premiere, Abe covers up a murder with an unlikely accomplice. Elsewhere, Benedict Arnold abuses his power as he settles into a new home in Philadelphia.

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Air date: May 2, 2016

Anna tries to save the ring after Abe's cover is blown; and Benedict Arnold seeks Washington's help against charges of treason. Meanwhile, Townsend sends a signal.

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Air date: May 9, 2016

Peggy manipulates Benedict Arnold into contacting the British; and Caleb sets an ambush for Simcoe. Meanwhile, Anna tries to save Major Hewlett's life.

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Air date: May 16, 2016

Ben is rescued by a mysterious woman; Abe tries to stop Anna from marrying Hewlett; and Arnold begins negotiations with the British. Meanwhile, Andre betrays Peggy.

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Air date: May 23, 2016

Townsend uncovers a British counterfeiting operation; and Rogers threatens to destroy Abe's spying ring. Meanwhile, Simcoe threatens Richard.

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Air date: May 30, 2016

Washington attends Benedict Arnold's ball in Philadelphia; and Abe races to stop Rogers before he reaches Townsend. Meanwhile, old friends and enemies intersect.

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Air date: Jun 6, 2016

Mary tries to kill Simcoe on her own; and Benedict Arnold defends himself in his own court-martial. Meanwhile, Ben reunites with the woman who saved his life.

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Air date: Jun 13, 2016

The Culper Ring is resurrected in time to save Washington's army; and Simcoe terrorizes Setauket as he hunts for Rogers. Meanwhile, Anna infiltrates New York.

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Air date: Jun 20, 2016

Benedict Arnold plots to turn over West Point to the British; and Andre negotiates for Peggy. Meanwhile, Abe plots revolt in Setauket.

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Air date: Jun 27, 2016

In the third-season finale, there is an inevitable march to the gallows for the captured spies on both sides. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold demands glory revenge.

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Cast & Crew

Jamie Bell
Abraham Woodhull
Seth Numrich
Ben Tallmadge
Daniel Henshall
Caleb Brewster
Heather Lind
Anna Strong
Meegan Warner
Mary Woodhull
Kevin R. McNally
Judge Richard Woodhull
Burn Gorman
Maj. Hewlett
Angus MacFadyen
Robert Rogers
Samuel Roukin
Lt. John Simcoe
JJ Feild
Maj. John Andre
Ian Kahn
Gen. George Washington
Owain Yeoman
Benedict Arnold
Ksenia Solo
Peggy Shippen
Nick Westrate
Robert Townsend
Aaron Angus
Cabell Chase
Raymond H. Johnson
Tory Gentleman
Ashley Smith
Capt. Wakefield
Craig Silverstein
Executive Producer
Barry Josephson
Executive Producer
Michael Taylor
Co-Executive Producer
Marvin Rush
LaToya Morgan
Libby Friz
Alexander Rose
Scott Gunnison Miller
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Critic Reviews for Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3

Audience Reviews for Turn: Washington's Spies: Season 3

  • May 25, 2021
    This was the best season of the whole series.
  • Apr 12, 2021
    A.MAZING. I never would have imagined how a film series could trigger in me such an intense interest and respect of that historical time. Brilliant. Also, the incredibly well written and strong female characters were what got me ..and kept me. Loved every minute of it!!
  • Oct 29, 2019
    S3. Here it gets better with each episode. As a armchair historian myself I have a good idea on what it should be. And it is. The actors playing key roles like Major Andre, George Washington, Ben Tallmage, Major Hewlett, Anna Strong and Mary Woodhull are extraordinary. And the ones you love to hate (Benedict Arnold and Simcoe) are equally brilliant. It's even more thrilling knowing most of it's true, if dramatized. I knew, for example, what was going to happen to Major John Andre. Yet again, I have no complaints. Great job. Great acting, really involved in this series.
  • Jun 16, 2017
    This series just keeps on getting better. The cast is genuine in their roles. You can't help cheering them on as they try to accomplish their missions risking everything for the cause. Gripping and dramatic but not over the top or campy. You feel as if you are a spy. Welcome to the Revolutionary War!
  • Jun 14, 2017
    The series gets better and better with each episode.
  • Feb 20, 2017
    Occasionally, a movie will contain certain aspects of a purely fictional story will result in certain elements assuming new meanings and understanding that resonates with the audiences in an entirely different perspective. This thought has visited me innumerable times over the years but most recently as a direct result of one of the innumerable instances of controversy surrounding the 2016 presidential election. The results of the election have come under suspicion-casting a dark shadow over the man taking the oath of office in some days. One of the several charges made with varying degrees of legitimacy was the influence of foreign governments on covert intelligence gathering operations. The details of the crime involved an understanding of technology, but in essence, they are quite similar to the basic plot points of the men and women risking everything chance of light to a burgeoning nation. ‘TURN: Washington's Spies’ is a historical drama from the basic cable network AMC. Understandably, there is a considerable amount of dramatic license taken with the characterization of the principal players to create a cohesive narrative that is exceptionally entertaining while containing sufficient truth to ignite some of the audience to research the actual events and people. While history classes are quick to cover the major battles of the Revolutionary war not much attention is paid to the everyday individuals who work behind the scenes to gather intelligence of the Continental Army might have some advantage over the unimaginable might of the British armed services. By today’s standards the secret codes, undercover work, and acts of subterfuge cannot compare to the action of men firing breach loading rifles open to get another shot before the lead ball of the enemy finds them. Espionage, replacing all moment with the collection of secret information, was more fermenting to running the Revolutionary war and gaining out freedom from England the most people would understand. Today’s techniques for gathering information may be far more subtle harvesting information from stolen emails, hacked servers but the rationale for engaging in such activities remains the same; to cripple the enemies march to victory by using their information and secrets against the enemy. Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) was a cabbage farmer living in Setauket, New York, part of what is still known as Long Island when the Continental Congress of the 13 colonies war declared war against the most deadly fighting force in the world, the Army and Navy of Great Britain. British troops overwhelmed the town taking control of it. Faced with either compliance or death his father, found Abraham trapped in a deadly conundrum. His father, Richard Woodhull (Kevin R. McNally), was respected as the town’s judge and chief administrator. He was forced by the circumstances of the British occupation to collaborate with the military governor assigned to the area, Major Hewlett (Burn Gorman), to ensure peace and prosperity for his town and avoid the retribution I would visit his family upon his disobedience. During the two previous seasons, the series successfully blended actual events with dramatizations resulting in a highly imaginative story about the use of espionage in a technologically simple world. Circumstances seem to conspire against Abraham tacitly placing him in the unenviable position between his deeply felt position all the rebellion in the pro-British sentiments that surround him during his undercover work. Mostly sentiments of echoed in his personal life, caught between his co-conspirator and childhood sweetheart, Anna Strong (Heather Lind). Her husband was arrested and taken a rapist addition leaving her to run the family cabin on her own, her unfettered access to much of the information that is bandied about by drunken soldiers writing to each other about their accomplishments and plans. She was instrumental in developing the Culper Ring. This was one of America’s very first espionage networks, considered by most historians as crucial to the war effort and providing a significant contribution to realizing our independence from Great Britain. Espionage is a perennial favorite demonstrated by its proliferation in the most form ranging from the spy novel to the blockbuster movies typically starting the most recent incarnation of James Bond and his wildly popular array of incredible gadgets. The historical context is placing the story in the mid-eighteenth century, such technological contrivances such as flash drives and lasers gratefully are precluded. This is incredibly great news for old school spy thriller fans like me. There are ample uses of dramatic license deemed necessary for the sake pacing and providing the feel of immediacy. What remained was real is the significant risk the first generation of American espionage agent freely assumed, they were often removed from any source of potential assistance and were consistently required to rely on little more than their ingenuity, resourcefulness, and ability to remain unaffected even when dangerously close to being revealed. A substantial number of the individuals and events are included here such as the primary protagonist Abraham Woodhull, and although their lives differed from how depicted here, they were truly the unsung heroes of the Revolutionary war. It will be most illuminating to read some of the historically accurate accounts of their activity, not just to assist in understanding what these easy spies dealt with but to better understand how important their sacrifices were to provide for an independent nation. There is the inclusion of some readily recognizable historical figures. Depicting many figures in an unfamiliar context to what is commonly recorded in the history books. General George Washington (Ian Kahn) is shown as a naturally born leader and idealistic founders but as the creator of the nascent nation’s first intelligence agency. This considers the crucial interdepend ties between politics, the military, and intelligence. If not for the effort of The Culper Ring it is a reasonable assumption that an English monarch would adorn our currency. In this third season, Abraham is forced into circumstances that brought him to the precipice of discovery and an appointment with a rope and scaffold.one potential problem inherent with a series containing more than a modicum of real history. Although the screenwriters take ample advantage of dramatic license, the broad strokes of history are left untouched. This does result in the audience having foreknowledge of the central storyline. The primary example of this was the introduction of Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman), one of the most infamous traitors in American history. His initial appearance was in the early episodes of season two continuing in season three as a major player in the war effort. This season explores some potential scenario that details the transformation of a loyal Continental senior officer into a collaborator with the Crown. The culmination of this season is the deal General Arnold made with the British to turn over West Point. The inclusion of the degree of espionage and another covert maneuvering often omitted from the basic courses in the Revolutionary war, but as to aptly demonstrated by the excitement and intrigue generated by this series educator should give serious consideration to revamping the critical points in their syllabus.
  • Sep 22, 2016
    I really enjoy this show
  • Sep 14, 2016
    I thought that it was a cheat to have this season only be 10 episodes. The acting is top notch and the attention to detail with costumes and historical accuracy is amazing. I was actually inspired to read about the Culper Ring and about all of these characters from history.
  • Jul 12, 2016
    This is another great AMC show not getting enough credit. After the last episode in season 3 I am not sure how anyone could say the shows characters are not excellently developed and the story-line exceptional.
  • Jul 06, 2016
    Excellent! Couldn't wait for this seaon to become available for streaming so I bought it. Hope season 4 happens!

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