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The first season finale of Weeds is chock full of incident. Heylia (Tonye Patano) finds out that Conrad (Romany Malco) was responsible for beating up the campus security guard and bars him from speaking to Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker). She's also not very receptive to his plans to start growing their own hydroponic plants. Vaneeta (Indigo) goes into labor. Andy (Justin Kirk) finds out that the U.S. military expects him to report for Iraq, and doesn't get much sympathy from those around him. Lupita (Renee Victor) tells him, "Bye!" Doug (Kevin Nealon) offers to "put one of those little yellow ribbon stickers on my car. For you." Desperate times call for desperate measures. Peter (Martin Donovan) stops by the "fakery," and invites Nancy over to his house while his son is away. She tells him, "My life's not gonna get any less complicated any time soon," but he doesn't seem to want to give up. Isabelle (Allie Grant) and her little friend Peggy (Olivia Sui) experiment with lesbianism, while Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), feeling much better, thanks, is reverting back to her old, hypercritical ways. "When you think you're gonna die," Isabelle tells her, "you're a much better person." A stoned Silas (Hunter Parrish) is brought home by the cops and doesn't want to hear his mother's criticism; he's all too aware of how she maintains the family's comfortable lifestyle.


Mary-Louise Parker
as Nancy Botwin
Kevin Sizemore
as Officer Wick
Hunter Parrish
as Silas Botwin
Kevin Nealon
as Doug Wilson
Justin Kirk
as Andy Botwin
Allie Grant
as Isabelle Hodes
Andy Milder
as Dean Hodes
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