Albert Hall

Albert Hall

Highest Rated: 100% Path to War (2002)

Lowest Rated: 29% Major Payne (1995)

Birthday: Nov 10, 1937

Birthplace: Boothton, Alabama, USA

A pliable, somewhat paunchy character player of TV and films whose parts increased in size with the advent of middle age, Albert Hall made a strong impression as Baines, the brother who introduces Malcolm Little to Islam, in Spike Lee's biopic "Malcolm X" (1992) and as the nervous but firm Sal Martinella, manager of "Rookie of the Year" (1993). Like many actors who seem to have to age into their careers, Hall often played minor or unrewarding parts early in his career. His feature film work began with a comic role in "Leadbelly" (1976) and the actor had a small role as a co-pilot of an aircraft going over "The Bermuda Triangle" (1978). The next year, he could be seen as Chief Phillips, who brings Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) upriver in Francis Ford Coppola's epic "Apocalypse Now." In the 90s, the parts grew in importance, thanks in large measure to "Malcolm X" and the comedy hit "Rookie of the Year." Hall was the imperious General Decker in "Major Payne" and the slow-witted Odell in "Devil in a Blue Dress" (both 1995) and had supporting roles in "Courage Under Fire" and Spike Lee's "Get on the Bus" (both 1996).

Highest rated movies

Path to War
Apocalypse Now
The Fabulous Baker Boys
Apocalypse Now Redux
Devil in a Blue Dress
Get on the Bus
Malcolm X




31% 67% Not Easily Broken Bishop Wilkes (Character) $10.6M 2009
100% 73% Path to War Roy Wilkins (Character) - 2002
68% 65% Ali Elijah Muhammad (Character) $58.2M 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet Swing Vote Justice Hank Banks (Character) - 1999
71% 71% Beloved Stamp Paid (Character) $22.8M 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Tiger Woods Story Hank Aaron (Character) - 1998
No Score Yet 99% Anarchy TV Bobby (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet 71% The Cold Equations Capt. Keynes (Character) - 1996
89% 71% Get on the Bus Craig (Character) $5.7M 1996
92% 70% Devil in a Blue Dress Degan Odell (Character) $15.9M 1995
29% 68% Major Payne Gen. Decker (Character) $29.4M 1995
No Score Yet 78% Star Larry (Character) - 1993
35% 52% Rookie of the Year Sal Martinella (Character) $53.1M 1993
89% 91% Malcolm X Baines (Character) $47.1M 1992
96% 70% The Fabulous Baker Boys Henry (Character) $18.1M 1989
38% 50% Betrayed Al Sanders (Character) $24.6M 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet Matlock: The Ambassador Prosecutor (Character) - 1988
98% 94% Apocalypse Now Chief (Character) $78.8M 1979
93% 91% Apocalypse Now Redux Chief Phillips (Character) - 1979
No Score Yet 67% Willie Dynamite Pointer (Character) - 1973


94% 100% Men of a Certain Age Unknown (Guest Star) 2009-2011
81% 100% Detroit 1-8-7 Unknown (Guest Star) 2010
No Score Yet 80% Private Practice Lewis Cartwright (Guest Star) 2010
No Score Yet 84% ER James Anderson (Guest Star) 2006
84% 75% Grey's Anatomy Unknown (Guest Star) 2006
77% 80% Sleeper Cell Unknown (Guest Star) 2005
87% 87% 24 Alan Milliken (Guest Star) 2004
No Score Yet No Score Yet Half & Half Unknown (Guest Star) 2003
61% 75% Ally McBeal Unknown (Guest Star) 1998-2002
83% No Score Yet That's Life Unknown (Guest Star) 2001
35% No Score Yet Brimstone Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Practice Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Swift Justice Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet New York Undercover Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
92% 89% Star Trek: The Next Generation Galek Dar (Guest Star) 1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet Matlock Unknown (Guest Star) 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fame Unknown (Guest Star) 1986
71% 91% Miami Vice Unknown (Guest Star) 1986
No Score Yet 100% Sanford and Son Unknown (Guest Star) 1975