Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey

Highest Rated: 98% The Right Stuff (1983)

Lowest Rated: 8% Splitting Heirs (1993)

Birthday: Feb 5, 1948

Birthplace: Hollywood, California, USA

While a prolific screen presence from the late-'60s onward, Barbara Hershey did not truly attain star status until two decades later, finally blossoming to become one of the most acclaimed American actresses of her generation. Born Barbara Herzstein on February 5, 1948, in Hollywood, CA, she studied drama during high school and in 1965 made her professional debut in the teen television romp Gidget. From 1966 to 1967, she was a regular on the series The Monroes and subsequently guest starred in a number of other programs. Hershey made her film bow in 1968's With Six You Get Eggroll, followed by the Western Heaven With a Gun and Last Summer. After a number of other lesser projects, she starred as the title heroine in 1972's Boxcar Bertha, the first major theatrical release from a then-unknown Martin Scorsese. David Carradine, Hershey's onscreen partner in crime, became her offscreen companion as well. Carradine directed them both in Americana (filmed in 1973 but not shown until eight years later), and together they had a child, Free.In another nod to the counterculture, Hershey rechristened herself "Barbara Seagull" and traveled to the Netherlands to film the 1973 drama Angela, winning Best Actress honors for her work at the Berlin Film Festival. Still, box-office success continued to elude her, and her resumé remained littered with undistinguished projects including the 1974 heist drama Diamonds, the 1976 comedy A Choice of Weapons, and the Western The Last Hard Men. By 1977, Hershey -- having dropped the "Seagull" surname -- turned to television, where she appeared in the Irwin Allen disaster production Flood! as well as the miniseries A Man Called Intrepid and the 1979-1980 weekly program From Here to Eternity. The 1980 comedy The Stunt Man, actually shot two years earlier, marked Hershey's return to feature films, and was followed by 1981's Take This Job and Shove It and the 1982 horror picture The Entity. By this point, Hershey -- once viewed as a rising star -- had been largely written off by the Hollywood powers-that-be. However, in 1983, she accepted a small role in Philip Kaufman's acclaimed The Right Stuff which garnered her considerable notice. She followed it with another small but pivotal role in Barry Levinson's 1984 baseball fable The Natural, and after a pair of well-regarded television projects -- the 1985 Errol Flynn bio My Wicked, Wicked Ways and 1986's Passion Flower -- Hershey's name was back on the map. After years of low-budget and low-brow projects, suddenly she was a fixture of high-profile features including Woody Allen's masterful 1986 effort Hannah and Her Sisters, David Anspaugh's Hoosiers, and Levinson's 1987 comedy Tin Men. Also in 1987, Hershey's turn in Andrei Konchalovsky's Shy People won Best Actress honors at the Cannes Film Festival, an award she again took home the following year for her performance in Chris Menges' A World Apart.Hershey also excelled in more mainstream affairs, appearing opposite Bette Midler in the weeper Beaches. In 1988, she and Scorsese reunited for the first time since Boxcar Bertha in The Last Temptation of Christ, in which she appeared as Mary Magdalene, winning a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. In 1990, Hershey returned to television to star in the movie A Killing in a Small Town, for which she won an Emmy. Back in the movies, she remained noted for her performances in offbeat fare like 1990's Tune in Tomorrow, 1993's Falling Down, and 1996's The Pallbearer. For her supporting performance in Jane Campion's 1996 adaptation of The Portrait of a Lady, Hershey also earned an Academy Award nomination. In 1998, the actress won further praise for her role as Kris Kristofferson's bohemian wife in A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries. The same year, she appeared as a struggling actress in Amos Poe's Frogs for Snakes, and then went on to play Bruce Willis' wife in the highly anticipated 1999 adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. She appeared in the dr


Highest Rated Movies



38% The 9th Life of Louis Drax Violet 2016
No Score Yet The Natural: The Best There Ever Was Actor 2016
No Score Yet Childless Natalie 2015
No Score Yet Sister Susan Presser 2014
40% Insidious: Chapter 2 Lorraine Lambert $71.5M 2013
No Score Yet Left to Die Sandra Chase 2012
9% Answers to Nothing Marilyn $22.5K 2011
66% Insidious Lorraine Lambert $53.8M 2011
84% Black Swan Erica Sayers/The Queen $107M 2010
No Score Yet Nick Nolte: No Exit Actor 2009
No Score Yet Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Anne Shirley 2009
No Score Yet Albert Schweitzer Helene Schweitzer 2009
71% Love Comes Lately Rosalie 2008
No Score Yet Uncross the Stars Hilda Limberlost 2008
No Score Yet Drowning on Dry Land Kate 2008
No Score Yet Bird Can't Fly Melody 2007
26% Riding the Bullet Jean Parker $0.2M 2004
No Score Yet Paradise Elizabeth 2004
92% 11:14 Norma 2003
No Score Yet The Stranger Beside Me Ann Rule 2003
No Score Yet Hunger Point Marsha Hunter 2003
No Score Yet Daniel Deronda Actor 2002
90% Lantana Valerie $4.3M 2002
No Score Yet Outer Space Actor 2002
No Score Yet A World Apart Actor 2001
No Score Yet The Sinister Saga of Making 'The Stunt Man' Actor 2000
26% Breakfast of Champions Celia Hoover 1999
27% Frogs for Snakes Eva 1999
77% A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries Marcella 1998
No Score Yet The Staircase Mother Madalyn 1998
45% The Portrait of a Lady Madame Serena Merle 1996
45% The Pallbearer Ruth Abernathy 1996
69% Last of the Dogmen Lillian Sloan 1995
71% When a Man Loves a Woman Actor 1994
No Score Yet Abraham Sarah 1994
55% A Dangerous Woman Frances 1993
8% Splitting Heirs Duchess Lucinda 1993
53% Swing Kids Frau Müller 1993
74% Falling Down Beth 1993
63% The Public Eye Kay Levitz 1992
No Score Yet Defenseless Thelma Knudsen Katwuller 1991
No Score Yet Paris Trout Hanna Trout 1991
50% Tune in Tomorrow... (Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter) Aunt Julia 1990
39% Beaches Hillary Whitney Essex 1988
80% The Last Temptation of Christ Mary Magdalene 1988
91% A World Apart Diana Roth 1988
64% Shy People Ruth Sullivan 1987
81% Tin Men Actor 1987
No Score Yet Legends - Live at Montreux 1997 Nora Tilley 1987
89% Hoosiers Myra Fleener 1986
No Score Yet Passion Flower Julia Gaitland 1986
91% Hannah and Her Sisters Lee 1986
No Score Yet My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn Lili Damita 1985
82% The Natural Harriet Bird 1984
98% The Right Stuff Glennis 1983
64% The Entity Clara Morgan 1982
No Score Yet Working Actor 1982
No Score Yet Americana Jess' daughter 1981
No Score Yet Take This Job and Shove It J.M. Halstead 1981
89% The Stunt Man Nina Franklin 1980
No Score Yet Woman Accused Ellen 1977
No Score Yet In the Glitter Palace Ellen 1977
No Score Yet Flood! Mary Cutler 1976
No Score Yet The Last Hard Men Susan Burgade 1976
No Score Yet Choice of Weapons Marion 1976
No Score Yet Diamonds Sally 1975
52% Boxcar Bertha Boxcar Bertha 1972
No Score Yet Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues Susan 1972
No Score Yet The Pursuit of Happiness Jane Kauffman 1971
No Score Yet The Liberation of L.B. Jones Nella Mundine 1970
No Score Yet The Baby Maker Tish Gray 1970
78% Last Summer Sandy 1969
No Score Yet Heaven with a Gun Leloopa 1969
No Score Yet With Six You Get Eggroll Stacey Iverson 1968
No Score Yet Experiments in Terror Actor 1961
No Score Yet Turkey Shoot: Beaches Actor


74% The X-Files
Erika Price 2018
11% Damien
Ann Rutledge 2016
80% Once Upon a Time
Geppetto/Marco Cora Greg Mendell 2016
63% Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Cora 2014
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Mrs. Hubbard Contessa Maria Alcharisi 2010
10% The Mountain
Gennie Carver 2005
No Score Yet Chicago Hope
Dr. Francesca Alberghetti 2000
No Score Yet American Playhouse
Lenore 1982
No Score Yet Kung Fu
Nan Chi 1974
No Score Yet The High Chaparral
Moonfire 1968


Erica Sayers/The Queen says: Take off your shirt.

Nina says: No.

Dr. Valerie Somers says: Does she know about you?

Patrick Phelan says: I assume so. She would sense it wouldn't she?

Dr. Valerie Somers says: It depends on how good he is at deceiving her.

Patrick Phelan says: Or how good she is at deceiving herself.

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What happened to my sweet little girl?

Nina says: She's gone!!!

Nina says: She's gone!

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: You can't handle this!

Nina Sayers/ The Swan Queen says: I can't? I'm the Swan Queen! You're the one who never left the corps.

CC Bloom says: Hilary you got so fat!

Hillary Whitney Essex says: I'm not fat I'm having a baby

Hillary Whitney Essex says: I'm not fat I'm having a baby.

CC Bloom says: You're not, You're having a baby?

CC Bloom says: You're not. You're having a baby?

Hillary Whitney Essex says: I'm Three Months Pregnant

Hillary Whitney Essex says: I'm three months pregnant.

CC Bloom says: That's great

CC Bloom says: That's great.

Hillary Whitney Essex says: Before I caught him with that woman we made love and that's when it ...

CC Bloom says: (interrupts) What woman?

Hillary Whitney Essex says: There was this woman I caught them together ...

CC Bloom says: (interrupts) Michael?

Hillary Whitney Essex says: Of course Michael and that's when it happened, and he doesn't want it because he's going to marry her. Can you believe it he's going to marry her?

CC Bloom says: (to bartender) Would you make this a double please?

CC Bloom says: (to Hillary) Let me get this straight. You caught Michael with another woman?

Hillary Whitney Essex says: Yes

Hillary Whitney Essex says: Yes.

CC Bloom says: And now you're going to have a baby all on your own

Hillary Whitney Essex says: Mmhmm (shakes head)

CC Bloom says: Oh Hillary I think that's wonderful

Hillary Whitney Essex says: You do?

CC Bloom says: I think it's the most exciting thing and if it's a girl will you name it after me? (hugs Hillary)

Hillary Whitney Essex says: (quietly) Yes

Hillary Whitney Essex says: (quietly) Yes.

Ruth Sullivan says: Sometimes people see what they want to see.

Lorraine Lambert says: I asked it what do you said Dalton....I can still hear that voice

Lorraine Lambert says: I asked it, 'Who are you?' ... I said 'What do you want?' ... I can still hear that voice.

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What Happerned To My Sweet Girl

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What happened to my sweet girl?

Nina Sayers/ The Swan Queen says: SHES GONE !!!

Nina Sayers/ The Swan Queen says: She's gone!

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: You're not my Nina right now!

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: It's the role, isn't it? It's all this pressure? I knew it would be too much. I knew it!

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: "Everything will be better in the morning. It always is"

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: Everything will be better in the morning. It always is.

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What happened to my sweet girl?

Nina Sayers/The Swan Queen says: She's gone!!!

Norma says: You'll burn for what you did to my daughter!

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: Where have you been?

Nina says: To the moon.

Lilly says: ...And back.

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What were you doing?

Nina says: Mom, you want to know their names?

Erica Sayers/The Queen says: What happend to my sweet girl?

Nina says: SHE'S GONE!