Billy Barty

Billy Barty

Highest Rated: 100% Nothing Sacred (1937)

Lowest Rated: 0% Under the Rainbow (1981)

Birthday: Oct 25, 1924

Birthplace: Millsboro, Pennsylvania, USA

American dwarf actor Billy Barty always claimed to have been born in the early '20s, but the evidence of his somewhat wizened, all-knowing countenance in his film appearances of the 1930s would suggest that he was at least ten years shy of the whole truth. At any rate, Barty made many film appearances from at least 1931 onward, most often cast as bratty children due to his height. He was a peripheral member of an Our Gang rip-off in the Mickey McGuire comedy shorts, portrayed the infant-turned-pig in Alice in Wonderland (1933), he did a turn in blackface as a "shrunken" Eddie Cantor in Roman Scandals (also 1933), and he frequently popped up as a lasciviously leering baby in the risqué musical highlights of Busby Berkeley's Warner Bros. films. One of Barty's most celebrated cinema moments occurred in 1937's Nothing Sacred, in which, playing a small boy, he pops up out of nowhere to bite Fredric March in the leg. Barty was busy but virtually anonymous in films, since he seldom received screen credit. TV audiences began to connect his name with his face in the 1950s when Barty was featured on various variety series hosted by bandleader Spike Jones. Disdainful of certain professional "little people" who rely on size alone to get laughs, Barty was seen at his very best on the Jones programs, dancing, singing, and delivering dead-on impressions: the diminutive actor's takeoff on Liberace was almost unbearably funny. Though he was willing to poke fun at himself on camera, Barty was fiercely opposed to TV and film producers who exploited midgets and dwarves, and as he continued his career into the 1970s and '80s, Barty saw to it that his own roles were devoid of patronization -- in fact, he often secured parts that could have been portrayed by so-called "normal" actors, proof that one's stature has little to do with one's talent. A two-fisted advocate of equitable treatment of short actors, Billy Barty took time away from his many roles in movies (Foul Play [1978], Willow [1988]) and TV to maintain his support organization The Little People of America and the Billy Barty Foundation. Billy Barty died in December 2000 of heart failure.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Godmothers Actor 2014
No Score Yet The Mouse and the Motorcycle Actor 2008
8% An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn Himself 1998
24% Radioland Murders Himself 1994
No Score Yet Wishful Thinking Bank Robber 1992
No Score Yet The Naked Truth Actor 1992
18% Life Stinks Willy 1991
No Score Yet A Family Matter Victor 1991
No Score Yet Going Under Actor 1991
69% The Rescuers Down Under Baitmouse 1990
64% UHF Noodles 1989
No Score Yet Lobster Man from Mars Throckmorton 1989
No Score Yet Diggin' Up Business Crosby 1989
50% Willow High Aldwin 1988
No Score Yet Off the Mark (Crazy Legs) The Little Russian 1987
17% Masters of the Universe Gwildor 1987
No Score Yet The Story of Snow White Iddy 1987
No Score Yet Body Slam Tim McClusky 1987
57% Tough Guys Philly 1986
No Score Yet Cannon Movie Tales: Rumpelstiltskin Rumplestiltskin 1986
38% Legend Screwball 1985
No Score Yet Night Patrol Capt. Lewis 1984
0% Under the Rainbow Otto Kriegling 1981
No Score Yet Being Different Actor 1981
10% Hardly Working Sammy 1981
No Score Yet Skatetown U.S.A. Jimmy 1979
No Score Yet Firepower Dominic Carbone 1979
73% Foul Play J.J. MacKuen 1978
No Score Yet Rabbit Test Lester 1978
No Score Yet The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Actor 1977
No Score Yet The Amazing Dobermans Clown 1976
20% Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood Assistant Director 1976
No Score Yet W.c. Fields And Me Ludwig 1976
No Score Yet Paul Lynde Halloween Special Actor 1976
No Score Yet Paul Lynde Halloween Special Actor 1976
No Score Yet Punch and Jody Actor 1976
60% The Day of the Locust Abe 1975
No Score Yet Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Actor 1973
No Score Yet Pufnstuf Googy Gopher 1970
No Score Yet Harum Scarum Baba 1965
56% Roustabout Billy, the Midget 1964
No Score Yet Billy Rose's Jumbo Joey 1962
No Score Yet The Undead The Imp 1957
No Score Yet The Clown Midget 1953
No Score Yet Jungle Jim in Pygmy Island Tembo 1950
100% Nothing Sacred Little Boy 1937
91% A Midsummer Night's Dream Mustardseed 1935
100% The Bride of Frankenstein Miniature Baby (uncredited) 1935
No Score Yet Gift of Gab Baby 1934
67% Alice in Wonderland White Pawn and the Baby 1933
100% Footlight Parade Mouse in "Sittin' on a Backyard Fence" Number 1933
100% Gold Diggers of 1933 `Pettin' in the Park' Baby 1933
80% Roman Scandals Little Eddie 1933


93% Frasier
Guest 1996
No Score Yet The Golden Girls
Guest Edgar 1985
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Owen 1982
No Score Yet CHiPs
James O'Hara 1979
No Score Yet Charlie's Angels
Grogan 1978
No Score Yet Barney Miller
Resnick 1977
No Score Yet The Waltons
Tommy 1972
No Score Yet Get Smart
Marco Upper Gemini Midget 1970
No Score Yet The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
The Barker 1964
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
George 1957


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