C. Henry Gordon

Highest Rated: 100% Scarface (1932)
Lowest Rated: 57% Mata Hari (1932)
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American actor C. Henry Gordon enjoyed a long film career as a villain's villain--and almost never an American one. Reportedly he made his film bow in 1911, but his recorded credits begin during the 1928 transitional period between silent films and talkies. With the advent of the early-'30s gangster cycle, the demonic, mustachioed Gordon came into his own by playing a series of foreign-born gangsters. Many of these characters were ersatz Al Capones--never so obviously as in Gabriel Over the White House (1933) in which Gordon not only plays a Capone-like bootlegging czar but also repeats several of Capone's "bon mots" ("When I sell liquor, it's a crime; when they serve it on a silver platter, it's hospitality"). When Italian anti-defamation groups complained about such portrayals, producers were quick to insert scenes in which law-abiding Italians were depicted; in Howard Hughes' Scarface (1932), C. Henry Gordon is atypically cast as a scrupulously honest Italian-American police official. The end of the gangster vogue in 1935 had no effect on Gordon; he simply donned a turban and became the evil Surat Khan, nemesis of Errol Flynn in Charge of the Light Brigade (1936). Gordon was back playing gangsters--albeit with Anglo-Saxon surnames--in 1940, with appearances in two of MGM's Crime Does Not Pay shorts and in Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum. C. Henry Gordon died suddenly at the age of 57 as the result of having his leg amputated.

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