Charles B. Middleton

Highest Rated: 100% Road to Rio (1947)
Lowest Rated: 17% The Sea of Grass (1947)
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To six decades' worth of filmgoers, Kentucky-born character actor Charles B. Middleton was Ming the Merciless, the megalomaniac ruler of the planet Mongo in three 1930s serials based on Alex Raymond's comic strip Flash Gordon. Beginning his career in circuses and carnivals in the South, Middleton worked in vaudeville and stock companies before his 1927 entree into films. With his hatchet face, bad teeth, and rolling-toned voice, Middleton was ideally cast as stern judges, cruel orphanage officials, backwater sheriffs, and small town bigots. Outside of his extensive work in serials and Westerns, he was used to best advantage in the films of Laurel and Hardy and Will Rogers. In a far less villainous vein, Charles Middleton was cast as Tom Lincoln, father of the 16th president, in Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940); he also portrayed the Great Emancipator himself on several occasions -- while in 1937's Stand-In, Middleton was hilariously cast as an unsuccessful actor who dresses like Lincoln in hopes of landing a movie role.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Purple Death from Outer Space Ming the Merciless 1966
No Score Yet Station West Sheriff 1948
No Score Yet Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' Citizen 1948
82% Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Wrecker 1948
No Score Yet Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy Grood 1947
80% Unconquered Mulligan 1947
No Score Yet Welcome Stranger Farmer Pinkett 1947
17% The Sea of Grass Charley 1947
100% Road to Rio Farmer 1947
No Score Yet The Pretender Butler William 1947
No Score Yet Wyoming Doctor 1947
100% The Killers Farmer Brown 1946
No Score Yet Spook Busters Stiles 1946
No Score Yet Strangler of the Swamp Douglas (Strangler of the Swamp) 1946
No Score Yet Northwest Trail Pierre 1945
No Score Yet Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Kurt Jensen 1945
100% Captain Kidd Actor 1945
No Score Yet The Town Went Wild District Attorney 1944
No Score Yet Kismet The Miser 1944
No Score Yet The Black Raven Sheriff 1943
No Score Yet The Batman (An Evening with Batman and Robin) Ken Colton 1943
85% Hangmen Also Die Patriot 1943
No Score Yet Two Weeks to Live Kelton 1943
No Score Yet The Mystery of Marie Roget Curator of the Zoo 1942
No Score Yet Men of San Quentin Saunderson 1942
85% Sergeant York Mountaineer 1941
No Score Yet Jungle Man Rev. James Graham 1941
No Score Yet Belle Starr Carpetbagger 1941
No Score Yet The Shepherd of the Hills Blacksmith 1941
80% Western Union Stagecoach Rider 1941
No Score Yet Chad Hanna Sheriff 1940
No Score Yet Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise Mr. Jeremiah Walters 1940
No Score Yet Island of Doomed Men Capt. Cort 1940
100% The Grapes of Wrath Leader 1940
80% Abe Lincoln in Illinois Tom Lincoln 1940
No Score Yet Santa Fe Trail Gentry 1940
No Score Yet Brigham Young Henchman 1940
No Score Yet Virginia City Jefferson Davis 1940
No Score Yet Allegheny Uprising Doctor Stokes 1939
No Score Yet Way Down South Cass 1939
No Score Yet Wyoming Outlaw Father Parker 1939
No Score Yet Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Ming 1939
No Score Yet Jesse James Doctor 1939
83% The Flying Deuces Commandant 1939
No Score Yet The Oklahoma Kid Alec Martin 1939
No Score Yet Daredevils of the Red Circle Granville (39013) 1939
No Score Yet Kentucky Southerner 1938
No Score Yet The Law West of Tombstone Newspaper Editor 1938
No Score Yet Flaming Frontiers Ace Daggett 1938
94% Jezebel Officer 1938
No Score Yet Dick Tracy Returns Pa Stark 1938
No Score Yet Souls at Sea Jury Foreman 1937
No Score Yet The Last Train from Madrid Warden 1937
No Score Yet Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Autry Sr. 1937
No Score Yet Hollywood Cowboy Doc Kramer 1937
94% The Good Earth Banker 1937
No Score Yet Wedding Present Turnbull 1936
100% Show Boat Sheriff Vallon 1936
No Score Yet Rocket Ship Ming The Merciless 1936
No Score Yet Trail of the Lonesome Pine Blacksmith 1936
No Score Yet Song of the Saddle Phineas P. Hook 1936
No Score Yet Flash Gordon (Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers) Actor 1936
No Score Yet Spaceship to the Unknown Ming the Merciless 1936
No Score Yet Frisco Kid Speaker 1935
No Score Yet Special Agent Cop 1935
No Score Yet Steamboat Round The Bend Fleety Belle's Father 1935
No Score Yet Hopalong Cassidy Enters Buck Peters 1935
No Score Yet The Miracle Rider Zaroff 1935
No Score Yet Square Shooter Actor 1935
No Score Yet Reckless District Attorney 1935
No Score Yet Broadway Bill Veterinarian 1934
No Score Yet The St. Louis Kid Sheriff 1934
83% Murder at the Vanities Homer Boothby 1934
No Score Yet Massacre Sheriff Scatters 1934
No Score Yet Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Mr. Bagby 1934
No Score Yet Nana Man Announcing Start of the War 1934
94% Duck Soup Prosecutor 1933
No Score Yet White Woman Fenton 1933
No Score Yet Doctor Bull Actor 1933
No Score Yet This Day and Age District Attorney 1933
No Score Yet Tomorrow at Seven Simons 1933
No Score Yet The Bowery Detective 1933
No Score Yet Pick-Up Mr. Brewster 1933
95% I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang Train Conductor 1932
No Score Yet The Phantom President Lincoln 1932
No Score Yet Hell's Highway Matthew, the Hermit 1932
No Score Yet Pack Up Your Troubles Welfare Assn. officer 1932
No Score Yet Mystery Ranch Henry Steele 1932
No Score Yet High Pressure Banks 1932
33% The Sign of the Cross Tyros 1932
No Score Yet The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Capt. Slade 1932
No Score Yet Beau Hunks Commandant 1931
No Score Yet Caught Plastered Flint 1931
100% The Miracle Woman Simpson 1931
100% Safe in Hell Jones 1931
No Score Yet An American Tragedy Jephson 1931
No Score Yet Palmy Days Yolando 1931
No Score Yet A House Divided Minister 1931
No Score Yet Beau Bandit Lucious J. Perkins 1930
No Score Yet Welcome Danger The Dragon 1929